A Fight May Take You Further…Faster!

A Fight May Take You Further...Faster!

As children, we are conditioned to think that fighting is BAD.

• DON’T fight in school.
• Turn the OTHER cheek.
• If you fight with your brother again, I will turn this car around and make you both SORRY!

Can anything POSITIVE possibly come out of a fight?

The Good Fight
But some fights CAN be good; like a “fight of faith”.

Like the fight that wells up on the inside of us, when the enemy tries to STEAL what’s rightfully ours.

Like the fight to CONQUER new territory, in business or for the Kingdom of God.

God may use a GOOD fight to bring us a great PROMOTION that might not come any other way.

A “Punk” With Attitude
When David faced Goliath, most people considered him to be just a young, prideful, inexperienced PUNK! (1 Samuel 17)

But there was a fight INSIDE of him that was NOT going to let Goliath put his BIG mouth on God, or His people!

Instead of backing down or walking away, David stood up and fought someone BIGGER, more SKILLED and way SCARIER than anyone around him was willing to face.

Supernatural Promotion
When David entered the ring, he was just a NOBODY.

But when he came out, he was part of the ROYAL FAMILY; tax-free for life and with a HUGE financial gain!

With God, we’ll always come out of OUR fight with FAR MORE than we went in with.

This fight we’re in, may actually be taking us FURTHER…FASTER!!!

A Giant Victory!
Like David, we’re WELL ABLE to win the fight against our OWN giants.

• Giant FINANCIAL setbacks.
• Giant MARITAL or RELATIONSHIP problems.
• Giant HEALTH issues.
• Giant CAREER setbacks.

In fact, God may use THIS VERY fight to propel us into a VICTORY and blessing that we couldn’t have gotten without it!!!!

Prayer for Today
“God, I ask you to give us courage in the fight. Accelerate us as we don’t back down. Shift us into the future you have for us, as we claim the victory in this fight of faith!” Amen

If you’ve been facing a fight in your life and would like to give God the glory; SHARE your story with us so we can celebrate with you!

I encourage you to watch this video!

5 Responses

  1. Angie Jones

    The biggest fight I face is sometimes the fight to just keep having Faith but this is the key to the breakthrough. Keep fighting, don’t back down. God’s got your back!

  2. Sheila Black

    I woke up with some situations heavy on my heart, and as usual, grabbed my iPad and began to look for a bible verse or a devotional. What I found was your message Fighting the Fight. I just finished the video. It spoke volumes to me and I am so encouraged. Thank you, Pastor Nicole. I love to hear your messages and always feel God speaking to me through you.

  3. Kathy Ronquillio

    Keep it coming Pastor Nicole! We are rising up a mighty army of believers! You are making a huge difference in my life.
    I am praying for you and your family.

  4. Evelyn

    Thank you for this blog, your preaching came just in time today. Heavy heart, fighting or better said, waiting on God during two of our biggest Goliath yet. Praise God for uplifting messages and for always sending me HIS message on time.

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