Are You Feeling Busy?

Are You Feeling Busy?

I wish I didn’t need sleep…. I love doing all of the things that keep everybody happy with me.

Do you ever feel like your workaholic nature interferes with the discipline needed to do those “BIG” things?

Like I want ALL the boxes checked and things buttoned up, which keeps me so “BUSY” – but not always doing the high IMPACT things. Ok, maybe I’m just preaching to myself here.

Or are YOU the same?
The bible doesn’t tell us to be busy.
It tells us to be fruitful.

Then God blessed them and said, “Be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY. Fill the earth and govern it. REIGN OVER the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground…” Genesis 1:28 NLT

The Challenge
So really the qualifier is – if our activity is not FRUITFUL, it shouldn’t make the things to-do today list.

BUSYWORK should stick to the BOTTOM of the to do list in the fruitful things should be on the top.

Mmmmmm, now I’m craving a fruit platter.

Does this ring any bells with you?
Do you feel the same way?
Or is it different for you?

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  1. Cheryl Morris

    Great blog this week pastor Nicole I am always finding myself busy with college and doing my homework but I still find time in my busy hectic schedule to make time for myself and for god.

  2. Angie Jones

    Defining what is fruitful! Defining what is important should be the goal in making a to do list. Often I used to just write down anything and I have found that although it appeared I did alot…I was not fruitful with my time and being fruitful has made me so much more successful.

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