Are You Paying A Bill That’s Paid In Full?

Have you ever noticed that when we do something wrong, we want to hide it? We don’t want anyone to know who might talk us out of it or make us feel guilty, we want to “enjoy” it in private. If we really think about it, when we do something right, we want everyone to know! So if we are trying to keep something from others, let alone God, it might be an area we need to go ahead talk about with God.

We’re Not Hiding Anything – God Knows

He knows about the anger, finances or the affair. He knows about the overeating, self-defeating behaviors or failed marriages. He knows of our need for approval, need for acceptance, or lack of self-worth. God knows that we want a second chance and of our need TO TRY TO PAY FOR OUR MISTAKES. BUT…

James 4:6 says, “He Gives Us Grace, Grace And More Grace.” When we run out of grace, He is going to give us more grace.

God See’s Us Through Christ-Goggles

God no longer see’s us through our sin but through the blood-stained goggles of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. We have to renew our minds in His Word or our mind will keep saying, “You’re not worthy.” The fact is we were an old sinner but now we are saved by grace. We can’t be both.

We are justified, acquitted and made right with the Father. We have access to Him and entrance into His Word. Yet we struggle in our earth suit. Remember. Jesus was “tempted in all points like us yet was without sin.”

If He Doesn’t Get to the Root, the Fruit Will Always be Bad.
1. We can’t earn it
2. We can’t possibly do anything to make him love us more
3. “Being good” does not impress Him
4. Spending time in His Word does impress Him
5. Surrendering to Him daily also impresses Him

He’s An Inside-Out God, And He’s Paid The Bill!

It’s offensive to God if He pays the bill and we turn around and try to pay it again. We say, hey watch me be good for two days, and He’s looking at us like, “Say what?”

It is a gift that He has placed in your hands. When you get a hold of this, I promise you, the rest of your life will be the best of your life.

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