Are You Ready For A #LoveRiot ?

You can put me in a prison… But I can still choose to be free!

If what’s going on in the world, or your world, as you were offended, hurt, upset, look to your stomach, confused, bitter, resentful… here’s what we know. The enemy trying to steal your blessing.

The enemy has an opportunity to lead our life when we hold a grudge, nurture anger, get mad, or cultivate bitterness. (Ephesians 4:27)

He is NOT my leader!
My leader is God.
My leader is LOVE. ❤️

‘There is an opportunity to break the chain that is binding me to my pain so that I can go where I am trying to go without getting stuck in my past.’ #HiGod Friends, there is one weapon that works against hatred. And hurt, and offense, and fear. And that one weapon is love! Outrageous love!


We are going to have a #LoveRiot in St. Louis tomorrow, Tuesday at 7pm.

It’s time that we loved louder than they hate. And that we love so loud that it changes lives and gets media attention.

We are inviting celebrity friends, musicians, sports figures, local leaders, church leaders, to come be a part of this expression of love out loud!

How can you help???

Repost. Share. Forward. Invite.

If your sick of the bad news, then be a part of making the new good!

Live far away? Live stream and and have a #LoveRiot Party at your house.

How can we be a big enough blessing to show that love still lives. That we BELIEVE in the power of pure love?

We gotta get together and love together.

DON’T MISS THIS! Healing is coming!!! Now do your part and share and repost please!

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