Don’t Get Stuck Where You Start

Sometimes we think we can’t get where we would love to go because, well, you just CAN’T get THERE from HERE. Where we got started seems to be a problem.

Whether it’s:
-Our literal location (wrong zip code, wrong side of town, nobody from here ever went anywhere),
-Our perceived life location (I never finished college, I had children young, I made a mistake when I was younger so it’s over for me)
-Or our self location (I’m the wrong gender, age, IQ, body type)

I have a word for you today. DON’T GET STUCK WHERE YOU GOT STARTED!!!!!!

God isn’t shocked by where you are today. His plan isn’t thrown off because of a failed job, marriage or any other reason. In fact, you are right where you need to be to get where you are going. God has the directions to where you are called to go.

I know the PLANS I have for you. This is what GOD himself says in Jeremiah 29. Then he lets us know they aren’t crumby, second-rate, plan B type plans. NO! They are for a GOOD FUTURE! Can somebody say amen???

Have you ever filled out a bank loan? It is a STUPID amount of information and paperwork. Have you ever done all that work and gotten turned down? It’s so discouraging. Can you imagine doing ALL that work for 100 different banks and getting turned down 100 different times? Would you keep going?

What if you got turned down 200 times? Would you quit?

Thank God Howard Schultz didn’t get stuck where he started! Who’s Howard? Only a guy that got turned down for a loan 242 times. But on try 243 he was able to start Starbucks! (Without which it is entirely possible that I could be a grouchier person).

There was an inmate in prison. Born into circumstances, around the wrong people and ended up using and selling drugs. He got caught and went to prison. A really BAD START, huh? He didn’t get stuck there.

He developed his talents and was released. He could have gotten stuck in the rut he started in, but he decided to try this thing he had been working on. It worked out great for Tim Allen, the tv star of Home Improvement and movie star of several films including one of my faves, “Santa Claus”.

You know what worked for Tim and Howard? The same thing that will work for you. Being faithful over whatever little thing you have right now. Whether it is filling out bank loan after bank loan not letting ‘NO’ affect you. Or sitting in jail not letting a felony record deter you and making plans to succeed anyway.

They worked an ancient system that I’m not even sure that they realized, “…you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.” Matthew 25:23

When we are faithful over what ever LITTLE piece we have now (where we are starting), God finds a way to bless it and help us to rule over more.

Just got an idea? Steward it well.
You don’t manage a single person at work outside yourself? Manage yourself like you would someone else.

Don’t get stuck where you start – God’s plans are bigger than that!

Need help dreaming again? I have a worksheet attached RIGHT HERE that starts some sentences you might have a lot of fun finishing. They can help you set goals in EVERy area of your life. It may be a little thing that can lead to much!

Be blessed!

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