Ever Wonder – ‘Can I Ever Please Them?”

Real quick, First, I have to tell you for just a second that the St. Louis Women’s Conference this past weekend was…MOVING, AMAZING, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, SOOTHING and WOW! I couldn’t sleep for like two days because I was sooooooo JAZZED!

The music, lights, dancers, volunteers, speakers and the whole worship experience – listening to the women sing out so loud and strong – was POWERFUL! I think it was the best conference we have ever had! AND WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN NEXT WEEK IN WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA – AAAGGHHH!

More about that later…..

Right now I want to share about TRYING TO PLEASE PEOPLE – OH, GEEZ.
‘Hi God. I know I was created to please you…not people.

I can’t be worried about what everyone else wants me to be and still become what you, my Father God, created me to be. You’ve been waiting for me to look to you for my next step.

When I have trouble saying “no” to people, I’ll think of it this way from now on: It’s my opportunity to say “yes” to something better. It’s my chance to say “yes” to you and what you have for me.

· How do I declutter my life in order to free up more time for you, God?
· How do I know what is a God opportunity or not?
· I’ll talk to you more because I trust you, God, to help me figure it all out.

When I say “no” to opportunities that aren’t the best for me, I’ve positioned myself correctly—with time, money, and energy—to say “yes” to the blessings, situations, and good that you have waiting for me.

I say “yes” to you and your blessings, God!’

Are you still wondering if you should spend the time and the cost of a ticket to go to the Be-you-tiful Women’s Conference this year?

Just say “yes” to the best! Say, “YES…I’m totally worth it!”

The West Palm Beach Conference is less than 2 weeks away!!!
I can’t wait for our church family in Florida to see what we’ve planned for them!

If you can get to West Palm Beach, June 23rd and 24th, I would love to meet you at the Be-you-tiful Conference, hug your neck and personally sign a copy of my new devotional, “Hi God (It’s Me Again)”. (The devotional above is a little excerpt of that.) I hope to see you there in West Palm!
Tickets for the West Palm Beach Women’s Conference are available online at iamwoman.tv.

Copies of my new devotional, Hi God (It’s Me Again), are available at the Faith Church campus bookstore, or online at Amazon.com and HiGodBook.com.

(All proceeds from my book have been donated to Faith Church and the building program we are going to do in the Ferguson/Florissant area and Florida!)

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  1. Lelia Booker Burns

    Hi Pastor Nicole!
    I so needed to hear this today….and yesterday! Thank you so much for everything you give and share with us all. I first seen you and Pastor David on the BVOVN almost 2 years ago; the two of you have been, and are, a part of what has changed my life; and my family’s as well. We live in Montana, but if we are ever near where you are I’d love to thank you in person! I can’t wait to read your book which should arrive any day!
    Love and Blessings

  2. Peggy Willams

    The conference was amazing and you have boundless energy! I am loving your book and can so identify with you! I keep it by my chair so it is always within reach. Only regret is that I should have bought several more for gifts. Thank you for stepping out in faith.

  3. Sue White

    The book is just what I needed. Ladies you do not want to miss the conference. I feel like I’ve been receiling a life changing experience. I wish I could go again to West Palm Beach, but can’t as I just had a left hip replacement yesterday. Maybe next year. I bought next year’s ticket at conference.
    God Bless

  4. Sue W.

    My hubby bought “Hi God (It’s Me Again) for me during the early promotion last week. I have been meditating daily with the devotions and love this focused prayer time with God! Thanks for publishing this wonderful book!

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