Failing Forward

One way that we allow Ashtyn to earn money is; she gets $10 if she COOKS A MEAL and totally cleans it up. That’s her chores. Because otherwise, we’re so busy that we’d have to go out and buy something else that costs a lot more.

She found a recipe she liked on Pinterest for chicken enchiladas. We bought all the ingredients at the grocery store, came home, and she started cooking.

You’re supposed to mix up the cream cheese, the chicken, more cheese, wrap it in a tortilla, put it in the oven and bake it for 20 minutes until all the cheese melts. Pretty simple.

Lucky dad! He took the first bite and got a mouthful of RAW CHICKEN!!!

Ashtyn didn’t realize, that in the little video she watched, when they put the chicken in the bowl to mix it with the cream cheese…the chicken was ALREADY COOKED.

So she’s like, “Man, I messed it up! Am I still gonna get paid?” (When you’re a teenager it’s all about the $$$.)

She was feeling really bad about it.

But, we didn’t dwell on the fact that she’d failed. We’re her father and mother. We LOVE her! We had a heart for her because at least she was TRYING!

In our lives, we don’t have to be afraid of failing. Our Heavenly Father LOVES US! If we let failures stop us, we won’t ever know all that we’re capable of.

When we see failure, God sees PROGRESS!

We can fail and quit or we can FAIL FORWARD and LEARN from our experience.

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Have you ever completely FAILED at something? (I’ve had a lot of experience.)  Tell me how it made you feel.



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