The Fight Of Your Life - Nicole Crank

The Fight of Your Life

Are you in a personal battle, facing down a GIANT?

The struggle is REAL! Just like David, we all have an enemy out there who wants to destroy us. What does YOUR giant look like?

  • Loneliness after the death of a spouse?
  • A devastating diagnosis?
  • A failed business or bankruptcy?
  • An addiction that you can’t seem to break?

The Bible says, that our enemy goes about AS a roaring lion. He’s not a roaring lion, he’s just acting like one. And he’s seeking who he may devour.

How can we keep from being devoured?

Here’s the way lions operate. They don’t, usually, pick on those in the pack that are closely surrounded. Instead, they stalk the herd, looking for one to single out; one that wanders off on its own. Because, without the strength and protection of the herd, that one will be weak, vulnerable…and EASY PICKINGS.

Don’t let the enemy catch you singled out and ALONE.

Don’t let ANYTHING keep you from going to church! Believe me, if you’re in the struggle of your life, you, absolutely, HAVE TO find a good church to back you up.

We try to depend on ourselves, but, eventually, we fail. We were never created to survive this life on our own. Surround yourself with a strong community of believers. Be strong in the Lord and lean on Him.

When we are WEAK…then God is STRONG!

It’s all a matter of perspective. What seems HUGE to us, seems small to God. I promise you, that whatever the size of your problem…GOD IS BIGGER!
WHO or WHAT are the giants you’re facing, today? You don’t have to be afraid. You can share here.

If you’d like to study further on this topic, see “When Giants Come” on page 237 of my devotional, “Hi God, It’s Me Again”.

Pick up your copy on Amazon.com or HiGodBook.com.

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  1. Kimberly fielder

    I know I’m safe to post here.
    Giant you say, feels bigger them one in my life right now. I know where to go and have but the pull is strong, many tears, feel like no-one cares and honesty dont wanna be around anymore.

    1. Nicole Crank

      Kimberly – the enemy wants to isolate you and make you feel like you’re all alone in the world… but you’re NOT!
      God will never leave you or forsake you! His love for you is unconditional! 🙂

  2. Rachel P.

    Thank you for the reminder that we are safe here. The Giant in my life is my daughter’s father using my 2 year old baby girl to hurt me, severely. Joint custody is debilitating with a sociopath….. I keep trusting in the Lord and keeping the faith but it’s escalating.. Seems scary right now. BUUUUUT. All IS working together for my good and I declare I am no longer a slave to fear. God is bigger!!

  3. Jennifer

    My husband moved out a couple months ago unwilling to work on our marriage. Which is what I have been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve been praying and believing God for a miracle. Last night he informed me that he was going to file for divorce. I’m still praying and believing for a miracle. My faith is not where it should be. I’m really having a hard time letting go and giving it to Him.

    1. Nicole Crank

      Jennifer, I am sorry to hear about this rough season that you are going through but remember everything that we go through to setting us up for our breakthrough. Use these trying times as stepping stones to get your through! We will be praying for you!

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