God Turned My Mess Into A Message

Early in my life, I’m pretty sure that the enemy had me marked for
destruction. That’s what happens when the devil sees God’s wonderful
plans for our life.

Abandonment, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, poverty, loneliness,
insecurity and fear…my life was a real mess! BUT GOD!!!

When I finally realized that I’d reached the absolute end of myself I
surrendered total control to Him. “Okay God, I give up! From now on,
let’s do it Your way!”

Many of us may still be harboring dark secrets that we don’t want
anyone to ever know about. But it’s no big secret to God. He knows…and He’s already forgiven us.

Thankfully, our past doesn’t define our future. But God will
certainly use our past to prepare us for a brighter future beyond our
wildest imagination!

You are not alone in this. Join me, as part of my story you haven’t
seen with Joni Lamb from Daystar. Click here to watch now!

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