Got Friends Like This?

Got Friends Like This?

Some people care more about what they might GET out of our relationship than us being obedient to God.

(Ever wanted to type #BOOM after what you just said or typed?)

Some friends will want us to STAY right where we are because it’s a benefit to them.

• They’ll tell us that we’re CRAZY.
• They’ll explain how UNQUALIFIED we are.
• They’ll remind us of all the reasons why we just CAN’T go!

The Right Stuff
But the RIGHT friends, (those that treasure our obedience to God over their personal gain or comfort) aren’t looking for what’s in it for THEM.

They will encourage us to FOLLOW GOD, even if it hurts them a little bit in the mean time.

The right people in our life will stand behind us and say, “Whatsoever God said to do…DO!” Genesis 31:16 (NKJV)

Those are the kind of FRIENDS we should do life with.

The right friends will encourage us to lengthen our stakes and INCREASE our capacity.

The right friends can see our POTENTIAL and aren’t afraid to catapult us beyond them.

The right friends aren’t “yes” men, but are “yes-in-God” men and women. And they will push us to DO IT!

Doing Means Moving!
Moving up to where God wants us to be, to do what God what’s us to do – means we are no longer WHERE we were, with WHO we were with…doing WHAT we were doing.

Moving, means we’re about to experience new things with PEOPLE we haven’t met before in PLACES we haven’t been yet.

Don’t be afraid of moving FORWARD in life with the right people to accomplish great things that we NEVER dreamed of accomplishing!

Moving up means moving!

Prayer For Today
“God, I know You are encouraging me to move, to grow, to increase and to follow You. I trust You, and I will follow You in all that You have for me. In Jesus’ Name!”

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  1. Dinah

    I had friends like that, now I just have my family. I started going to a Faith Church and my family and I joined so now we are members. I am very quiet and reserved person. I am afraid to let anyone in my life to be a friend. I just do not know where I fit in anymore.
    Afraid to Trust

    1. Dinah, I guarantee you fit in at Faith Church. 🙂 Don’t let the pain from the past keep you from the joy of your future. It’s going to be hard to trust again, but just trust that God will bring the right friends into your life.:)

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