I Need God To Tell Me What To Do!

It’s not spooky or weird. It’s guidance, direction, correction and love. It’s really right on for what we need in those moments!

He’s so diligent about getting out his prayer journal (got one of those? If not hit your church bookstore or office supply store and pick up a cool notebook and start one) and recording it right away. And almost monthly we go back through our prayer journals and look at the leadings and promptings God has given us in hindsight and watch how His guidance is sure and right on time.

I Get Jealous Though

I don’t hear from God nearly as much as my husband. So I was praying about that. God showed me that He is speaking to me, speaking to you, speaking to ALL His children all the time – but are WE listening all the time.

What a kick in the gut! I would have told you that out of David and I, that I’m the better listener. Well, when it comes to listening to God – obviously not.

So I’m making a decision to listen better. Wanna join me?

You Might Be Wondering What It Sounds Like To Hear God

I don’t blame you. I’ve wondered the same thing before. It’s reading your Bible and a certain scripture coming alive to you. Or the same thing with a devotional. The picture I posted is of two days of my devotional where I wasn’t hearing God speak during my reading. And then two days where I was obviously listening closer!

Same book, same place on my porch where I read it, one day I am listening closer than another.

Other times a thought will pop up in your head and it’s something that never occurred to you before, or now you have a ‘knowing’ that it’s right that you never had before.

Let’s write it down and track it. So we learn the difference between our original thoughts, and thoughts inspired by Him – His voice.

God Can Speak To You Through A Lot Of Different Ways

This might take a minute to wrap your mind around, so don’t judge or post mean things on social media – listen and let God work in your life this way. Here goes…

When my husband sees an orange bike with high handlebars, he takes it as a nod from God that he is on the right path. ORANGE BIKE? Yeah, here’s why. God did a miracle in David’s life.

When he was little and when they had no money and no way to buy food for themselves, David prayed for a orange bike with high handle bars and wrote it down. It took about a month.

But without asking anyone, without telling anyone, a man he had never met before in a city they had never been to before brought an orange bike with high handle bars to David’s family and said I sold everything in my store, but this didn’t sell. Would your son like it?

A sign of God’s favor and provision. A miracle in David’s young life.

God May Speak To You Little Confirmation Signs On Your Trail

Those might be a butterfly, your first car, a special toy or momento. The point is – DON’T LIMIT GOD to how He communicates to you.

Let’s open our eyes, our ears, our heart to His speaking possibilities. When we seek Him, we find Him. And when we are close to Him form seeking Him, we are close enough to hear Him speak!

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13 (NKJV)

My sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice; and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27 (AMP)

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  1. Jessica White

    Happy Monday Pastor Nicole,
    Thanks for lunch yesterday, Ed and I enjoyed that moment of time with you. My Pastors ROCK! Have a sure amazing day: ) Hug pastor David for us.


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