I’ll Boldly Ask

Hi God, I know you’re my good Father, and you love it when I come to you in faith with my requests.

So, I’m not going to wait. I’m going to boldly approach the throne of grace and ask for things I want or need.

I’m going to treat you like the “exceedingly, abundantly above-all-I-can-ask-think-or-imagine God” you say you are.

Instead of praying just to pass the test, I’ll ask for an A!
Instead of praying for a ticket to the event, I’ll ask for front-row seats!
Instead of praying for a promotion, I’ll ask to run the whole company.
Instead of praying for rent money, I’ll ask to own my own house.

Today I’m not letting the enemy hold me back from pleasing you, and I will put my faith and hope in you on display.

I take you at your Word, and I ask you for whatever I want and need. I believe in you enough to ask for big things. I’m not going to be nervous or timid anymore.

Right now, God, I ask you for _________.
I encourage you to, please, stop right now and fill in the blank. Speak it out loud, in the Name of Jesus!

Yes, our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. But first, we have to be bold enough to ask!

Thank you for sharing another little bit of my new devotional, “Hi God (It’s Me Again), What to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say.”

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7 Responses

  1. Lauren Coaker

    Perfect timing because I just got a job offer and without hesitation I counter offered for more money and they said yes!! You and David and your book are truly inspiring.

  2. Marinda Ferrell

    I have purchased three hard backs copies of your spiritual uplifting book. I will purchase five more to give to people who need the word of God in their lives. My youngest adult child is going through some physical and personal issues in her life right now. I gave her a copy of your book and she said “mom the book is great.” I thank God for the both of you because you always keeping in real and reaches us where we live. Over the two years I’ve been coming to Sunset Hills Faith Church, I have been bless beyond measured. Thank God for you and pastor Dave. Love you both. I am in a connect group under Vivian Law and volunteer in the Food Ministry. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

  3. Marcia Ridgell

    Thanks Pastor Nicole for my email message.
    Thanks for caring enough to let me know you are thinking about my relationship with God.
    I love you and your family and I am so happy you are my ministers.

  4. Misty Martin

    I am homeless right now,out of an abusive relationship and asked my teenage daughter to get your book for me to give me strength not to give up. It will help me understand the bible more.

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