Is Your Happiness On Hold?

Have you ever read a story and NOT identified with the hero?

When I was reading the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10, I have to admit I’m a lot more like Martha than I am like Mary.

I see things that need to be done and I want to make sure they get done. My love language is acts of service. So, to me doing things for people is showing them that I love them.

Yet staying busy is NOT what will fulfill me. Staying busy is NOT will make me happy. And staying busy is NOT really what will make the people I love happy either.

If we have to choose being busy with all these things we ‘have to do’, or not being TOO busy for God…

EVERYONE will be happier if we radiate the presence of God in our life. The peace of God in our day. The joy of God in what we do. The strength of God that we need.

But we can’t put out what we haven’t put in.
We can’t glow in the dark if our light switch hasn’t been turned on.

We feel like the world with it’s nonstop demands can’t be put on hold. We HAVE to have clean clothes, clean house, and we have to make PEOPLE happy. We don’t want to disappoint.

But somehow God, with his power and his strength and his grace, CAN be put on hold. We hit the wrong hold button and when we hit that button we put a hold on our happiness. Hold on our joy. Hold on our direction. A hold on our breakthrough. A hold on all of those things that will truly make us happy.

We have to make time. MAKE time?

Yeah. Time is something that we make. WE set our schedule. WE determine what’s important. Ultimately, WE say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to activities, kids, neighbors, type of job, and the things that we ALLOW to pull on us so hard.

So today, let’s MAKE time. Let’s PRIORITIZE God. Even though someone or something is shouting louder than He is for our attention – let’s give Him our attention first and just see how that changes things.

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