Joel Osteen Fraud?

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

If you’re wondering if Joel Osteen is a fraud, let me ask you…

If a person, pastor, singer, or anyone that loves Jesus, is pointing people to Him – then what is the issue?

It seems some Christians are eager and willing to slice and dice other Christians and I just don’t get that.

How in the world are we going to win the world for Jesus if we are so busy trying to deeply analyze people’s statements and find something bad in them?

People are NEVER going to like the exact same ‘style’ of worship around the world.

Our cultures are different, our experiences are different, and our personalities are different. That is okay!

What Type of Christian Are You?

Some Christians are calm. Some traditional. Some wild. Some expressive. Some we can’t tell what they are feeling because they don’t have an expression – but that is their expression!

Some Christians cry when they pray. Others close their eyes and fold their hands. Others get on their knees. Some lay on the floor. Some pray inside. Others out loud…

Some people must think God has a hearing problem because they shout at the top of their lungs.

All different – none wrong.

Our Calling

We love God. We worship Him. We are saved through Jesus’ blood and point people to Him. The Holy Spirit guides us daily through life.

Does it have to be any more complicated?

Chocolate Ice Cream

I think of it this way. I do not like chocolate. I know. Strange for a woman but it is true.

However – my daughter and husband LOVE it. Crazy, passionate love.

So when we go to an ice cream shop, we get different things. I get vanilla, or maybe raspberry, or even possibly orange and vanilla combined (I think I am getting hungry here.)

But Ashtyn and David??? They get chocolate ice cream, with chocolate chunks and hot fudge on top. EEEWWW!!!!!

My teeth hurt just thinking about it, but…

Just because my teeth hurt thinking about what ice cream they like, it doesn’t make the ice cream that they like wrong or bad.

It’s not illegal. They won’t go to hell for eating it. It wasn’t created by the devil.

The way that people connect with Jesus in their own personal style is not wrong. Whether their pastor yells, sings, speaks, laughs or whispers is not wrong.

Its All About Love

If we use as much energy to love and support other Christians as we do criticizing other Christians – we just might get this love your neighbor thing accomplished and win the world for Jesus.

So go out there and love someone today!

Then go buy some ice cream.

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