Make Room For The Blessing!

In 2 Kings, Chapter 4, a widow (a single mom with kids) had a big problem. She owed a lot of money!!! (Not to mention, she still had hungry kids to feed and no visible means of support.)

When the creditors came to take away her two sons, as payment, things seemed pretty desperate. But, because she had the good sense to go to the Man of God for help, her problem actually turned into a miracle blessing for her whole family.

Sometimes, what we view as setback can actually be God’s way of setting us up for a windfall of favor. If the creditors hadn’t threatened her;

  • She would’ve never walked by faith.
  • She would’ve never asked the Man of God what to do.
  • She would’ve never searched her house for all those containers.
  • She would’ve never asked neighbors for more pots to hold oil she didn’t have yet.
  • She would’ve never had miracle oil fill every container that she had.

Of course, as soon as she ran out of empty vessels…the oil stopped.

Still, it was more than enough to get them exceedingly and abundantly, completely out of debt and have plenty of savings left to live on!

It’s funny how her excess provision dried up at the exact same time that her faith ran out. She only got as much blessing as she’d made room for.

Do we have expectant faith?

Are we just complaining about our circumstances…or are we making room for a big overflow of God’s supernatural favor?

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  1. Marcia Ridgell

    Thanks Pastor Nicole Crank for your wonderful message of hope, grace and faith. I am so grateful God brought you and your family into my life.
    Blessings on your book “Hi God “.

  2. Connie

    Precious Pastor Nicole I have seeded the books purchased at the Iamwoman conference. One was to a friend I went to high school with. I have not seen her in over 35+years. The loss of her husband has devastated her. After the conference I went by her house and left the book. Monday night I was alarmed as my text ringer rang. As I looked down I saw from her “I am on page 40, and I don’t EVER read…” I was overwhelmed by the love of our Abba Daddy how HE used your heart and words in this book to give her a taste so she can see HE is good!! As tears were rolling down my face from the perfect love of our father. She then says,”I was a little hesitant at first. But then I just went for it. And I really like her book.” I am excited to hear from the others I seeded the book to. It soooooooooooooo truly blessed me to receive that text!!!! DRENCHING showers of continued BLESSINGS and FAVOR over you and your family!

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