Old Scars

Old Scars

I still have a SCAR on my knee from when I was five years-old.
It was from one of my FIRST trips on my brand-new, blue Schwinn bicycle.

I made it ALL the way out of the driveway and turned left down the street.

But as I reached the corner and started to turn right, I hit a loose patch of gravel and fell down HARD. OUCH!!!

Fear of Fun
My injury really wasn’t that bad. But all I could remember was how much it HURT!

So I decided to stay out of the swimming pool and skip swimming lessons for two weeks because I was AFRAID the water might STING my scab.

I remember my mom telling me that I was just being a BABY. She assured me that I was FINE and that I was missing out on all the fun.

I didn’t believe her. I guess I was just AFRAID of being hurt again.

Bold As A Lion
Now, I can look back and laugh at how SILLY I was. Each of us has been through stuff that’s left a MARK.

Some of us have FRESH hurts and some of us have SCABS that are finally starting to heal over. Many of us have OLD scars.

The enemy would be SO satisfied if he could just keep us all on the sidelines nursing our PAST wounds.

“The wicked flee when no one pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1 (NKJV)

Let’s not miss the blessings that God has for us today because we’re afraid of getting hurt again!

Let’s go out and have the time of our life!

We may fall down again and there might be other scars, but at least we’ll have a great story to tell!

Prayer For The Day
Father, give me the courage to know that you have forgiven me of my past, are with me in my present and are actively planning a blessed future for me. I trust you and ask for the courage and strength to enjoy everything that you have for me today!

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