Ready For The World To Change?

Do you look around the world and want to change it and wonder how ONE voice can make a difference. Do you contemplate IF you can make a difference? And if so, HOW?

Well, let me start with this. You CAN make a difference and I believe since this is your heart you have already and it’s about to get bigger.

The enemy tries to keep us quiet. Hushed. In the background. Feeling insignificant. Minimized like an unused window on your computer. Am I talking to you? I know I am, because it’s the same junk he tells us all.

Sit down and shut up, you don’t matter anyway. Oh, how WRONG he is.

The Power Of ONE

One voice, when alone, might not be able to change the whole world. But it certainly can change YOUR world.

We can change our world by controlling what’s IN us.

There was a service counter lady that was rude to me. BIG time. From the second I first walked up. I failed that test and left the encounter telling her, “You don’t have to be so nasty to everybody. It doesn’t help.”

I didn’t change my world OR hers that day. Because I didn’t control what was IN me.

I LET her make me mad. People don’t make us mad. WE control our emotions. (You don’t like this blog quite as much right now, do you…but don’t give up on me yet!) People don’t MAKE us anything. Not happy. Not mad. Not sad. They behave however they behave, and we decide what we ALLOW it to do to us inside.

Here’s WHY that’s so important.

What’s IN Us Controls What Comes OUT Of Us. And What Comes OUT Of Us Changes Our World.

Read that again. What’s IN us controls what comes OUT of us. And what comes OUT of us changes our world.

If we want to change our world, (who is with me here??? Please say yes!) we start by controlling what is IN us so that what comes OUT of us makes the RIGHT kind of difference.

Combine That With The Power Of UNITY

And when enough of us – in what the enemy tells us is our singular, not impactful, doesn’t matter voice – effect our worlds with what is coming out of us the SAME way (as ONE)….then….THEN….your singular voice couples with the exponential power of unity and your single voice becomes incredibly powerful.

It is the enemy’s goal to divide us. A house divided can not stand.

It is God’s goal for us to UNITE. One mind. One accord. One voice. One love. One God. Whose ONE son saved us all.

One son. One blood. One people.

Are You Ready To Change The World?

If this blog helped you today, I think you will LOVE and be encouraged by this FREE 25 minute message. The Power of ONE is on the FaithChurch.com podcast on iTunes and is available on YouTube.

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  1. Stan Greenberg , PhD

    Loved and profoundly resonated with this. Thanks for all you are and share. I appreciate your courage n wisdom as you humbly share your growing edges. (I follow you on Facebook and have seen you on Daystar). So inspiring and encouraging.
    I am a 76 yr old (young) mostly retired psychotherapist, who became a Believer about 1&1/2 yrs. ago. My life has been regenerated. I am open to , and appreciative of all believers , yet have been recently aligning myself with the Messianic Jewish movement . I was born Jewish, and at age 75 was shocked to realize that Yeshua (Jesus) was Jewish as were most of his original disciples. I practiced many other spiritual paths along the way . Now I am so grateful that Our Lord has brought me Home into His Kingdom!
    All love and blessings to you and your loved ones????

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