Relationships: Shallow Or Deep?

Positive relationships will take you higher in life and help you reach the next level. Wherever you’re at in life, one thing many of us can agree on is that some relationships make us better. Those relationships bring out the best in us; they energize, inspire and validate us. While in these relationships, we are lifted up and given a tremendous sense of satisfaction and happiness. We should consider these people true friends and value them with high regard.

True friends are some of the greatest gifts in life.

I was in New York City one time looking at hundreds of thousands of people running back-and-forth yet I felt no connection to anyone. Because I had no connection or relationship with these people something was missing. When I returned to my hometown, and found myself surrounded by people that I have relationships with, I came to realize how wonderful it is to be in a city where you have relationships. This was a pivotal point in my life to witness because there are people with a pulse, yet who have no sense of community and as for me I was lonely on a crowded street.

When encouraged by a friend, it brings out the best in us and we tend to go further in life. These types of relationships require commitment, time, energy and a reciprocating Investment from both parties.

Notice I said from “both parties”…

If you’re in a relationship where you’re doing all the giving and they’re doing all the receiving, then that might not be a “true friendship”.

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