There Is More In You Than You Know

You might think ‘that’s it – that’s all I’ve got.
And yet…
Here you are.
You know why?????
Because there is a greater one on the inside of you that can NOT begin to shine or give strength until we acknowledge that we are DONE.
Our faith doesn’t even begin until or ability ends! { #higod }

So, hold on sunshine.
You might be at the end of your rope, but you’re just at the beginning of His.
I’m not going to tell you, “you’ve got this” – but I am going to tell you HE’S GOT THIS!
So go on with your bad self!!!
Can I get an amen???
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  1. Kimberly McElhiney

    Thank you Nicole for all of the inspirational messages you send! They really help. I just want you to know how wonderful I think you and your husband (and family) are. there have been times when I have been very discouraged and your messages arrive right on time. I live in Ft. Pierce Florida and have been wanting to get to West Palm for one of your services. Thank you again.

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