Three Days Away

A warrior named David was experiencing the most horrific day of his entire life!

He and his men returned home to find their village burned completely to the ground, their families kidnapped and all their property and livestock stolen. On top of that, the men blamed David and were ready to stone him to death. (Now that’s a rough day!)

Thirteen years earlier, God had chosen David to be the next King. But since then, it seemed like his life had gotten considerably worse…not better. (Is there anything that you’ve been waiting on for 13 years?)

But, fortunately, David didn’t quit!

He had no way of knowing it then, but just three days later, Saul would die making the throne of King of Israel he had been promised available!

In the midst of our momentary pain, sometimes we don’t realize just how close we actually are to achieving our lifelong dreams…if we don’t give up!

The enemy is always trying to get us to talk ourselves out of our own blessing. We don’t know if we can do it. That’s okay. We can admit that we’re too weak, and then allow God to handle it. Because, when we’re weak, that’s when He’s strong!

On Good Friday, we can only imagine how heartbroken the disciples must’ve felt as they stood helplessly by and watched the crucifixion and death of Jesus. It may have seemed to them that their last, best hope had been eliminated by the enemy, and everything they believed in was totally gone!

They didn’t understand that God was about to raise His son, Jesus, from the dead and transform the entire universe!

In our lives, some things may seem like they take forever. Have faith in God. We could be just three days away from something truly miraculous!

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