To Pray Is To Say

Prayer doesn’t have to be hard. We don’t have to pray in certain memorized ways or through a particular protocol.

Every time we talk to God at all, that’s prayer.

I know it can seem weird to talk to someone you can’t see. Or hear back with your ears. But you do it all the time.

We talk to ‘ourselves’ out loud (BUSTED!), we hold our end of a conversation with someone who isn’t there (usually that we aren’t happy with), and as humans we are really good at muttering exclamatory remarks to no one in particular – “I can’t believe it!”, “Are you kidding me right now?”, “How did this happen?”.

Am I alone in this? I don’t think so. I see too many people talking to themselves in cars with no speakerphone talking back!

Don’t let the fact that He’s God trip you up like we might get tripped up if we met the President or a celebrity. The difference between God and them are so many! He’s your Father, and your friend. He loves you. He really cares about you. And He WANTS you to talk to Him SO badly.

And He has things to say back to you.

How do you start? If you aren’t sure, you can start with, “Hi God, it’s me” and go from there. IF you still aren’t sure, just read some of your favorite bible verses out loud to Him. Thank Him for the things in life that you might be taking for granted. Ask Him for some things in life that you would like to be different. And before you know it, you’ve had a whole conversation.

Yup, you just prayed. It wasn’t hard was it? Now maybe just try that again tomorrow.

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  1. Lisa Ismail

    Thank you so much for your service to us and bringing the word with life applications for day to day living. We serve and awesome God who truly understands our humanness (not sure if that a word) and through his word he reassures us that he is listening and knows our every need. Thank you Jesus for your living kindness and grace. Amen.

  2. S. Smiley

    Thank you for these lovely words. Whenever I get to work, I must read what you have sent out. Sometimes It’s one of those days you are kinda down and when I read what you have sent, it really uplifts me and I thank God for all the wonderful talks between he and I, my health and also the help he has given to those around me. Thank you.

  3. Tamra Keels

    Thank you so much and my FaithChurch family for the ongoing prayers – Really miss working the media! I have two more scheduled chemo treatments but I truly feel that the cancer is out of me due to my many prayer warriors!
    Praying is not 9 to 5 of even 5 days a week – I know people have prayed for me at all hours – I kinda like to say anyone can pray 8 day a week 25 hours a day 🙂
    Praying thanks cuz I woke up is a daily thing for me – thanking Him daily to have loving boys that have steped up to the plate to care for mom – which is hard since I have always taken care of them!

  4. Kelli Holland

    Thank you Pastor Nicole for that message. Thanks for reminding me that I don’t need an oration to speak to God. He understands me just fine. He knows what I’m going to say before I say it. God is awesome!

  5. Lori Boismenue

    Thank you for this message! I needed to hear that. I just started church in April and have been struggling with how to pray. You just made my day😌

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