Trust God & Just Obey

Do you think you have to MAKE things happen? Sure, you have a certain amount of responsibility in life, but God is the one that provides the opportunities. You just have to be willing and prepared.

When God aligns you, you don’t have to figure out what he is trying to do. Just wait.

In Genesis 12:10, Abraham lied because he was scared and thought he had to force a situation.

You don’t have to lie to get to the top. God will get you there. Just obey.

Abraham is an example of God’s abundance. He was loaded. He had gold, silver, livestock, and land, he had it going on! (Genesis 12:2)

God blessed Abraham IN SPITE of his lie. And even Lot (Abraham’s family member) got loaded due to being in close proximity to Abraham. God’s blessing of Abraham spilled over to his family members.

The significance of Abraham and Lot is a GREAT example of: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” You benefit just by being close to those who are big thinkers and who are prospering.

If YOU think big, you’ll live a big life. But you become like those you surround yourself with and they will limit you if you allow them to.

New levels have new devils.

Guard your inner circle, guard your heart, but TRUST GOD!

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