Being Who You Are

My daughter is different than others kids.

She is only 8 years old, yet she is quite comfortable at a dinner table full of adults.

She participates in the conversation.

She is quick and witty with humor beyond her years.

Occasionally I hear her spouting off some wisdom to an adult group that makes us all stop and look at each other.

Then recently we invited over a little school friend. Her friend was sweet, her age and she wanted to do 8 year old things. When her friend left, Ashtyn said, “I’m not sure I can do that a lot mom. She wanted to do things that are boring for me!”

What? Barbies boring at eight? For my daughter, the answer is a resounding yes!

Do you know what I like about Ashtyn? She knows what she likes and she is okay with it. She’s not like all the other eight year old girls. She’s different. She’s unique.


This week we are taking a brief break in our X-Challenge series on ‘Becoming Excellent’ and talking about you. That’s right. Y-O-U.

That is something that you and I (as adults) need to be okay with… being uniquely made. It’s funny how even as grown ups we struggle with feeling like square pegs being forced into round holes.

God created you just the way you are supposed to be! Tall, short, thin, curvy, dark, light, outgoing, shy – there is a plan behind it all. A design. You are a one-of-a-kind unique piece. You are couture. You are “Couture for a Cause.

You were created with specific talents and gifts. You are a certain voice that would reach an intended group of people with the love of Christ. Without you the way you are, God’s plan would not be complete.

High fashion pieces are unique and so are you. Embrace the things that make you different and know that the One who designed you did it intentionally!

Couture for a Cause

This is what we are talking about Friday night at Couture for a Cause. A night of inspiration and worship for women – followed up by a SHOPportunity that will blow your mind!

Gently worn clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry have been donated by ladies across the metro area and will be for sale for you in boutique-style fashion at amazing prices like $3, $5 and $10!

Grab all your girlfriends, your back to school money and get to Couture for a Cause. It’s this Friday at 7:30pm at the Earth City Campus.

Don’t stop now…

Let us know – what is different and unique about you? Did it hold you back at one point and now you know it is a gift? Encourage the rest of us with your experience right here in the comments.

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  1. Dana Westhues

    I am looking forward to Friday at Faith Church and have a couple girlfriends I am bring along. 🙂
    What’s different about me is: Since I asked God to help me I have grown more in 2 years than I have in all adulthood. I am 23 months & 7 week sober. I am growing spiritually daily. I owe it all to God because I would not be sober without Him. Today my life has purpose, I have a full time job, 2 beautiful children & a man who treats me the way I deserve to me…I’m no longer a doormat to my addiction or to others. I am blessed more than I ever knew. God IS GREAT!

  2. Rainy Meeks

    I feel like I am meant to be a person that just wants everyone to feel special and compliment something different and unique about someone. I feel by telling them about a simple beauty they may not see can help them to build confidence.

  3. Jaime N. Fisher

    I would like to say that I attended Faith Church for the first time last weekend and I enjoyed it GREATLY! I have understood for quite sometime that I am most definately unique but it has always been difficult for me to grasp and have total self-confidence while putting my complete self first in my priorities to grow as an individual. However I feel I am finally ready to begin a lifelong journey! Also excited for the Couture for a Cause! Thanks much!

  4. Cheryl Morris

    I feel like I am meant to be the kind, sweet person that I am today that I am for a reason. When ever I hang out with my friends they all want to play video games. Video games to me are boring. I always find a way to different from everybody else that meet. I’ve learned that it is ok to be differnt and each one of is unique in our own way.

  5. Shay Mabie

    This message is for Dana-
    What an inspiration you are to others struggling with the same thing! Jesus’s blood is healing blood! The scriptures tell us that our Father works everything out for good! You do have a purpose-God has a wonderful plan for each of our lives! Psalms 139 tells us a lot about how God feels about us. He watched us as He formed us in our mother’s womb. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. 🙂
    If I can be of any encouragement, or if you would just like a new christian girlfriend, please email me at shay_mabie@yahoo.com.

    Keep up the good work! I am proud of you! 🙂
    See ya Friday!

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