What Do You See?

This summer, David and I spent part of our family vacation paragliding at 4500 ft. above the Swiss Alps. It was AMAZING!

No engine noise…just ME, (oh yeah – and the instructor) flying like a bird over miniature little houses and towns nestled in peaceful green valleys between the snow-covered mountains.

The view from up there was so unbelievably CLEAR! We could see 360 degrees in every direction; so much different than our LIMITED view, back on Earth.

From the ground level, we can only see SO FAR. From out of an airplane or the top floor of a skyscraper, we can see farther, for sure. But it’s still not far enough!

It’s still just a TINY fractional glimpse of what God can see!

Sometimes, we stop looking too soon. We stop seeking God, when something comes to us that COULD be our answer.

Only, God wants us to lift up our eyes and look FARTHER.

When we stop close, when we stop for convenience we’re stopping SHORT of His best. How far we see, depends entirely on our perspective. Are we looking through:

  • Clouds of Doubt?
  • The Storms of Life?
  • A Fog of Insecurity?

Those things may affect what WE can see, but not what GOD sees. He says, “Come up HIGHER! Ascend to ME.”
“I see your future. I see the traps. I know your path and your possibilities. Lift up your eyes and look to ME. I will guide you.”

“Why don’t you just ASK ME what I can see?”

Which do YOU see?

Ask 10 people around you, you might be surprised!

Our eyes so easily fool our mind and we see with such limited vision.

For additional study, see “What Am I Looking At?” on page 149 of the “Hi God” Devotional. HiGodBook.com

We all could improve our communication skills, especially, when it comes to talking to God.

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  1. Emily

    “Come up higher ascend to me” I thought of Isaiah 40:31 when reading the morning reflection..I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me about this .Amen🌷

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