Whenever someone makes me mad, I feel with such clarity that I know EXACTLY what to do and say in that moment.

And I’m usually 100% WRONG!

I remember getting ready one morning, throwing on some pants and asking David, “Do these look GOOD on me?”

That’s a “death trap” question for ANY husband. But he ventured to answer it honestly.

“You aren’t going to like the way those make your BUTT look.”

Oh No He Didn’t!
In my mind, I knew exactly what to ZING back. I didn’t know it, but I had 12 comments in my back pocket ready for such a time as this.

And then I realized that I had the power to blow this situation up. (That’s what I WANTED to do because my feelings were hurt…even though he was right.) OR, I had the power to diffuse it.

So I asked God to help me CONTROL myself, because it was going to take Him to get my emotions back in line. (Nothing human could do it at that moment in time.)

As I asked God for His help in making the right decision on my next words, I felt PEACE and understanding come.

It’s All You
What I felt in my heart was, “Whenever you make decisions in the emotion of the moment, your decision is you, and NOT ME.”

How right is THAT???

I always want to grab my phone and shoot out a text AS SOON as I get mad.

Many times I’ve watched that text go out while I was yelling, “Noooo, don’t send!” I ALREADY knew better.

When we let the emotion of the moment PASS, we have the OPPORTUNITY to ask God for His guidance and to be directed by His peace. That’s ALWAYS the right way!

Prayer For Today
“Father, please give us the self control to not act in our own strength, but to rely on You and Your peace to guide us. In Jesus name, Amen”

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