As a visionary you’re partly in this world, partly in another, always dreaming things up. What’s happening in your spirit is from God and the enemy WILL TRY TO TALK YOU OUT OF what God is trying to talk you into.

When God puts something in your Spirit, the wrong people will try to talk you out of it saying, “That’s not normal.”

If you get around normal people, you will become normal.

Average people get content with BEING OK WITH NOT BEING OK.

  • It’s ok to be in debt
  • It’s ok to be overweight
  • It’s ok to eat all the junk everybody else eats
  • It’s ok to die early
  • It’s ok not to employ other people

I’m speaking to leaders who envision things that are not as though they are.

I’m talking about:

  • Building a boat when it’s not raining (Noah – Genesis 5:32-10:1)
  • Planning a baby shower in your 90’s (Abraham – Gen – 18:1-15, Gen 21:1-8)
  • It’s going to rain! I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand (Elijah- 1 Kings 18)

Your dream needs to be bigger than you or me, it needs to include all kinds of people, employ all kinds of people and change all kinds of people’s lives.

So stop listening to the enemy, stop trying to be “normal” and DREAM BIG!!!

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