Are You A Diamond In The Rough?

Did you know that a DIAMOND (the hardest natural material known) starts out as carbon graphite, similar to a common pencil lead?

Sure, graphite still has its value and purpose. But it’s kind of FLAKY and not nearly as glamorous or valuable.

Sometimes WE go through life kind of “flaky”, not even realizing that we already possess ALL the necessary characteristics to shine like a diamond.

Deep In The Earth
To transform the carbon atoms of graphite into a diamond requires high HEAT and intense PRESSURE, over time.

First, the heat BREAKS DOWN the CURRENT BONDS to free up (somebody PREACH that!) the carbon atoms and ENERGIZE them.

Then, the extreme pressure forms an ORDERED and TIGHTLY (mmmm, mmmmmm) packed pattern, much like little pyramids stacked together.

Only then do you get a DIAMOND! (You didn’t know I was a science nerd!)

If You Can’t Stand The Heat…
Sometimes, when we start to feel the HEAT that could break our current chains and set us free…we RUN, because it’s just too hot!

But, carefully applied heat can:
• Break the chain of DEPRESSION and DISEASE!
• Break the chain of desperate FINANCES!
• Break the chain of dysfunctional FAMILIES!

Of course, it NEVER feels good when we’re going through the heat. But that heat can break old bonds and FREE US UP. That heat can ENERGIZE us!

I’m gonna get up an shout right now!!

Better Under Pressure
In the moment, we’re not always sure if we can handle any added pressure. We have to resist the urge to give up and CRUMBLE.

“…but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” Romans 5:3-4 (NIV)

If the carbon STOPS being under pressure, it will just remain carbon. It just isn’t the same.

But, if we can stand strong while God gets everything packed in tight and orderly, He’ll make us SHINE like diamonds!

Pressure Brings Promotion
Know that, while pressure is being applied…our VALUE is going up. God is forming us into something more precious!

Our life, as a diamond, can be a brilliant LEGACY that gets shown off; not to bring us glory, but to bring HIM glory.

Then the world will finally see what God had been working on…INSIDE OF US…the whole time!

Prayer For Today
“Father God, Thank you for molding our life through Your gentle warmth and pressure to make us into the precious gem that You cherish! In Jesus’ name.”

Share With Us!
Wow! What a great time we had Friday night at the Earth City Campus with all our girlfriends; praising and shopping and eating and hanging out, all to benefit Mercy Ministries!

I can’t wait until our next event in the spring! And an I Am Woman group joined us live stream in West Palm Beach and had an event complete with food, collecting fashion accessory donations and they worshipped along with the group on St. Louis! How exciting!!!!!

Check out the pictures on Facebook :)

I Am Woman: Accessorize Me

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