I’ve Got To Watch My Mouth!

Every problem I have starts in my mind and ends up in my mouth. In a FLASH, my mind and mouth are lighting fires like an arsonist! Except an arsonist is sneaky and I end up doing it everywhere I go!

In James 3:5-6, the bible compares the speed with which a tongue can do damage – to the speed that a forest fire can spread. Basically the tongue starts fires and FAST!

More times than I want to discuss, I have started forest fires within my family and organization. I did that because I had a lot of pain, worry, and misery that affected my mood and then spewed out my mouth. I’m starting to learn over the years that my mind and mouth, when left alone in a negative state, can create a forest fire that will DESTROY!

How often have we seen California forest fires on TV where beautiful homes are burning because of a single careless match? It’s so awful when you see the wind begin to blowtorch cherished homes where people have raised families. This happens daily when we allow our moods and mouths to start a fire that destroys, not just our home, but the family in it. Our own family.

The bible says:

  • a controlled tongue = perfection (James 3:2)
  • a small rudder can turn a big ship (James 3:4)
  • our tongue blesses and curses out of the same mouth (James 3:9-10)
  • no one can tame the tongue (James 3:8)

We aren’t perfect, only Jesus is. Don’t wait until you stop cussing, get a better attitude, or stop setting “forest fires”, Jesus wants you as you are right now. He IS your overcomer!

So let’s turn that destructive forest fire, into a focused, purposeful flame intended for GOOD!!!

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