Really Going Faster!

David and I try to work hard and do everything with excellence. However, this can be a daunting challenge that could rob us of our joy. I certainly believe that we should strive for PERFECTION, but still understand how to pause and ENJOY where we currently are.

To others, it might look like we’re going slower …but we’re really going FASTER!

Not What it Seems
Many times we see visionary leaders that step out with boldness, over-finance and get in trouble really fast. At first glance, the organization SEEMED like it was advancing and growing in a healthy way. But when we look closer, they’re really NOT getting ahead. They may actually be going slower or even backward because now they’re on an economic track to crumble and fail.

Eyes On The Prize
The remedy for such behavior is to kill the spirit of comparison in our lives. At some point, we should be content with what God has called US to do, and stop comparing our assignment with that of others.

Of course, Paul said in Philippians that we should continually PRESS FORWARD. So let’s keep looking ahead, keep going and doing and quit measuring ourselves against unrealistic standards.

My Favorite Things!

I have to tell you, my MOST favorite thing about the holidays is getting to spend TIME with my family. It’s a real opportunity to dive into them, to hear from them and to SNUGGLE and enjoy them! While our daily lives seem to move at a million-miles-a-minute, I really enjoy this season when we’re […]

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Winning Streak

Mike Matheny is a WINNER….and he has four “Gold Glove” trophies as catcher to prove it! But in 2007, as the result of a string of bad concussions, he was forced to retire from baseball. He was just 36 years old. With a wife and five kids to support, he had a solid backup plan […]

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Leaves In The Wind

Isn’t it funny, how most people spend more TIME and EFFORT planning their next vacation than they do planning their own lives? Don’t allow life to just HAPPEN to you; blowing you about like a leaf in the wind, and then dropping you wherever a recession or government shutdown takes you. Let’s not wait around […]

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Life Is Problematic

In John 16:33, Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (NIV) You see, life can be problematic. Many times in the church, we try to act like bad things don’t happen to people of faith. I think some of this teaching comes from an erroneous […]

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