Letting Go Of The Past

Have you ever failed to enjoy the moment because you were still suffering a loss from the past? The past wasn’t meant to be carried into the future.

Focusing on the past limits what God is trying to do in your present and future.

Have you ever noticed the small size of the rearview mirror in a car as compared to the windshield? The rearview mirror is INTENDED to be used for QUICK GLANCES at what has happened behind you but our MAIN FOCUS should be looking at where we are headed, towards that huge window of OPTIONS AND OPPORTUNITIES that is in front of us.

Imagine driving your car, with one item attached to your bumper for each negative thing that has ever happened to you in the past. That would probably ruin your gas mileage, strain your engine, wear on your tires and SLOW YOU DOWN!!!

Things from the past are ruining the “performance of your car” in the present!

Have you ever looked at a side view mirror on a car and noticed the little phrase at the bottom that says, “Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear?”

THAT is your BREAKTHROUGH and it is closer than it appears in the natural.
God has extraordinary plans for you in the future. Use your time, talent, and energy for the things God wants to bring into reality in the near future.

Today write down and begin to visualize your future COMING INTO VIEW this year. But remember, you won’t see it if you’re not looking ahead out of the “windshield” of your life.

Never Going To Happen

What the enemy said he was going to do to you is NEVER going to happen! That fear of dying early…IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Something terrible happening to your kids…IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Statistically speaking: 40% of all the things we worry about never happen 30% are in the past and cannot be […]

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I’m Telling You There’s More – Go Again!

I opened my bible this morning and it opened to 1 Samuel 10 and I kinda chuckled. Not your normal response to opening the bible I guess. I was like, ‘really God’? He probably laughed in heaven and said, “Yeah, really”. Why? (you’re probably wondering). Because a few days ago my husband brought me this […]

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Rusty Tools

I remember how much David’s dad LOVED working on old cars. In fact, he had two red tool chests in his garage just loaded with TOOLS. I had NO idea what most of them were, or what they were used for…but HE did. Because he knew precisely how to USE each one, his tools never […]

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Really Going Faster!

David and I try to work hard and do everything with excellence. However, this can be a daunting challenge that could rob us of our joy. I certainly believe that we should strive for PERFECTION, but still understand how to pause and ENJOY where we currently are. To others, it might look like we’re going […]

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