David Crank

David Crank

Me & My Man

My whole life I have wanted to trust someone.

Disappointment met me many times in my desire to reach out and be able to trust someone outside myself.

It started with a dad that left before I was born.

Continued through molestation as a child.

And being raped at 13 solidified it pretty good.

By high school I did not have a best friend, just many ‘friends’.

When it came to choosing a spouse, I chose poorly and ended up with a man that developed addiction issues and became physically abusive.

My trust had completely eroded and it effected my relationship with God. Why trust Him? Everybody else had let me down!

Then as a single mom, I knew that the single-life wasn’t what I truly wanted. I was lonely. But I didn’t know how to trust anymore.

Is any of this sounding like any of the feelings you have had? Or things you have walked through in life?

And then….

David & Nicole Crank

David & I

I started going back to church with someone who kept inviting me even though I wasn’t interested anymore.

They kept asking and I finally said yes.

When I went to church, I felt better.

My life didn’t change in a day, but I felt my course change one degree.

I went back the next week because the same person invited me back again.

I went again and knew that coming to church was helping me.

No one had to invite me back the next week, I knew my course was changing when I went.

Over the next weeks, I started talking to God again. He talked back.

I started giving to God again. He always gave back.

I got close to God again. And He never left.

Matter of fact, I realized He didn’t leave the first time – I did. And He trusted I would come back.

And I did.

My trust levels were beginning to grow again.

Then I met David Crank

David Crank on boat

David Crank

He and I had some mutual friends.

He gave me his phone number, but I threw it away.

After all, who could trust a man?

I kept bumping into him at outings for months when I was around my friends and he kept giving me his number.

As my trust grew in God, I finally called one day.

We decided to eat dinner together one night and he was charming.

I thought it might be okay to eat with him again.

Several months later, we were married.

Just because someone, or several people, have broken your heart, or betrayed you, or hurt without any remorse – it DOES NOT mean that everyone will or that God EVER would.

God’s Love

David Crank family

My Family & I

God loves us and never stops. No matter what.

People want to love us, but if we keep them at arm’s length – they never have a chance to.

I thank God for the woman who kept inviting me to church with her – just casually – every week. If she hadn’t, who knows where I would be today.

You may be that person who needs to reach out to those that are hurting around you so that you can introduce them to the One who will never hurt them.

Reach out! Touch your world!

You may be rejected today, but next month they might come! You could be their link to a better life.

You may be the one that was like me and has hurt so badly that you think that no relationships are better than any relationship. Let me reach out to you right now.

There is a God in heaven. He does love you. So do I.

I understand what it feels like to hurt. I now also understand what it feels like to be healed.

Healed feels much better.

Reach out to God. Come to his House and be with Him. He misses you more than you know and He trusts that you will come back to Him.

And when you get into that relationship – the rest starts to happen one degree at a time.

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