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Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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Here's a monthly partnership that accelerates your growth with monthly coaching zoom calls, guest influencers and leaders that you love, and bi-weekly emails. And for every Circle of Friends member, you are providing personal growth, books and coaching to someone who can’t afford it!


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“Being a part of Circle of Friends has transformed my personal and career life. It is equipping me to be more focused on setting and achieving goals. Pastor Nicole’s teaching & instruction has also inspired me to pursue dreams and endeavors with purpose & confidence!”
Felicia J.

“Circle of Friends offers a sense of community, a space to share, learn and grow. Through the encouragement of the Circle, I have gained perspective on life’s personal and professional challenges, and received support and tools to face these challenges head-on."
Tara C. 

Do you see some tables of people and wish you could have a seat to hear what is being said so that you can learn and grow at an executive level?

 Are you ready to accelerate your life and personal growth?

Do you wish you had a mentor sharing with you things that are beyond your current experience?

With Nicole Crank

Every month you'll have the opportunity to be coached by Nicole or one of her successful business or ministry friends. You will get the opportunity to ask questions, learn, and grow with the Circle of Friends community. You will grow in ways you never anticipated and be challenged to reach for the next level - all while developing community!

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Everybody needs people in their lives in order to become everything that God has for them. Who are the voices that influence Nicole? Meet some of today’s most sought after leaders, speakers, influencers, and coaches as Nicole invites you to exclusive tables for intimate and private conversations that are designed to get the most out of your ‘now’ for your ‘next’.

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Unlock access to a vibrant private community, exclusively available through both our private Facebook group and dedicated app, tailored to help you integrate everyday wisdom into your life seamlessly. Join us on a journey of growth, support, and connection within this exclusive membership community as you share questions, thoughts, ideas, and prayer requests.

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Over the years Nicole has delivered countless talks that have impacted people from all over the world. We've gone into the archives and pulled some of the best talks that people have commented on.

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Circle of Friends members will have access to the ever-growing archives of content that is developed every single month. Once a session has concluded, it will be dropped inside of your membership portal so you can watch it on-demand at your own convenience. All coaching calls, guest sessions and bonus content are conveniently accessible 24/7. Wanna find a message on a certain topic? It's probably there. 

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Discounts, discounts, discounts? Who doesn't love them? Circle of Friends members will get discounts to products and events exclusively available to them. If you're someone who is already purchasing products and attending Nicole's events, this member feature alone will make it worth it to stay a member of the circle.

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Circle of Friends Members Receive Exclusive Access to the Following Benefits:

“I love being a part of the Circle of Friends group. Why? Not only does Pastor Nicole make you feel good with all the videos and motivational speaking that she’s so good at, but she also gives us challenges for everyday life and in our business. That to me, is worth it’s weight in gold. You can’t expect to succeed in life just by listening to motivational stuff that makes you feel good. You have to be up for challenges in life to make you a better person. That’s what Pastor Nicole offers here with the Circle of Friends."

Worth it's weight in gold. 

Tanna M.

“Circle of Friends is such a powerful group to be apart of because the encouragement and Word that’s given is always right on time to help me during difficult times in my life.”

Erica Y.

Wisdom Unleashed: Exclusive Sneak Peeks into Guest Sessions


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- AJ

I'm AJ, all the way from Ghana & God led me to your ministry this year and it's been such a huge blessing to me in this season of my life. My faith has been greatly boosted and it's all thanks to you. I literally itch to listen to your sermons and whenever I do, it calms something in me. 

- Falencia Moore

Thank you for taking time out of your day to do Wake, Pray, Slay. You don't have to. You could spend that time doing something else. Yet, you "CHOOSE" to get up and prepare your heart every Thursday, just for us. You are such a blessing beyond measure and we appreciate you!

- Diedra Little

Thank you so much for how giving you are!! Not just with resources, but especially your time and your focus, attention and following God!! You are an incredble leader and pastor!

- Carl G

"Hi God (It's me again) has literally transformed my life. I have read through your prayer book from cover to cover at least 25 times. It doesn't matter how many times I have prayed the prayers, they always seem to be right on point for what I needed to pray. 

- Tameka H

At that time, I needed that, being divorced, then another breakup, abuse, just whatever feeling low. I questioned my own existence. I felt like what am I good for, however when I came and you told your story of your past and I'm like wow, look where she is now. You can tell it with strength and power and love. It gave me hope that there truly is a brighter day, and better relationships are coming, a better community in the name of Jesus. I'm not alone in the battle, these dry bones will live. 


- Erica Y.

“Circle of Friends is such a powerful group to be apart of because the encouragement and Word that’s given is always right on time to help me during difficult times in my life.”

- Tricia Leo

"From a life of ensnaring prostitution and addiction to a life of faith and freedom, Thrive was the vessel of hope that encouraged me after all I had done and been through, I could start anew.

- Jasmine D.

"You've given me hope, power and fire to live in Christ. I got your book "Hi God, One More Thing" and followed you to jump start my life with God again. I thank you so much for giving me the strength. I work in a very negative environment with inmates and it gets hard to be around the negativity. I pray for them and hope that I can give them hope as well. 

Testimonies of Transformation

Hear firsthand accounts of people just like you shedding baggage, embracing purpose, and experiencing breakthrough as they step into the fullness of God and unlock their greater potential.

Dare to Believe, Dare to Share

- Rhiannon

I appreciate Pastor Nicole's authenticity and ability to be real, raw, and transparent!! So encouraging and so much wisdom!!!!

- Danielle

Pastor Nicole has one of the purest hearts on the planet. Her love, authenticity, encouragement, and inspiration to others (especially women) is truly a blessing. God is using her to connect and help so many people with her ability to be truly real and relate to others.

The 30-day trial is only $1.00. Unlock instant access to our entire library – enjoy Zoom calls with Mike Todd, Joel Osteen, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Lisa Bevere, Christine Caine, and so many more! And if the Circle of Friends doesn't bring you value, please opt-out by day 30. You can opt-out by emailing support anytime during your trial at After day 30, you become my ministry partner at $27.77 per month. You receive Zoom calls, emails, discounts and resources and. At the same time, you are sowing a seed of books, resources and televised help to people who need it in prisons, sex trafficking shelters, recovery homes, and those in need around the world. THANK YOU for helping me help people by being in my Circle of Friends, and I pray you enjoy the 30-day trial!