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Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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Master your mind by strengthing your spirit with a year long, exclusive mastermind led by Nicole Crank.



• Master Your Mind • Strengthen Your Spirit • Master Your Mind • Experience A New Level • Master Your Mind • Strengthen Your Spirit • Master Your Mind • Experience A New Level • Master Your Mind • Strengthen Your Spirit • Master Your Mind • Experience A New Level • Master Your Mind • Strengthen Your Spirit • Master Your Mind • Experience A New Level • Master Your Mind • Strengthen Your Spirit • Master Your Mind • Experience A New Level • Master Your Mind • Strengthen Your Spirit • Master Your Mind • Experience A New Level • Master Your Mind • Strengthen Your Spirit • Master Your Mind • Experience A New Level • Master Your Mind • Strengthen Your Spirit • Master Your Mind • Experience A New Level
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What is a Mastermind?

I’ve known for years there were certain people who I was supposed to go DEEPER with. As I was praying and researching about the Inner Circle Mastermind and what it was supposed to look like, the Lord impressed this definition of a “mastermind” on my heart. I felt like He said,

“You master your mind by strengthening your spirit, so your mind will listen to the wisdom of your spirit.”


✓ Discover and destroy the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.
✓ Develop a detailed action plan, guiding you towards achieving your aspirations and living your dreams with clarity.
✓ Equip yourself with tools to reduce stress, boost energy, and navigate challenges, enabling you to thrive in your purpose-driven journey.
✓ Immerse yourself in a supportive community of high achievers, dedicated to professional advancement and personal empowerment.
✓ Get tools to help you maximize your time, increase your revenue, and increase your influence and impact in your industry


"Mastermind has been a blessing… I believe one of the reasons it is so
valuable is because, we learn tangible actions to that help us with battles and overcome obstacles that come up in our daily lives… It is also really great to get a whole new group of friends to help keep me motivated and share some accountability to make sure I stay on track to get the best outcome that God has designed for me and my family.”

mastermind member

“Having the opportunity to have Nicole pour into my life, in the intimate settings at the immersive and the monthly calls, has been transformative for me. I’ve been challenged to think bigger, dream bigger and create plans to make those dreams a reality. I would recommend Mastermind to anyone who is willing to put in the work, so they can take back control of their life and start making their dreams a reality.” 

mastermind member | ceo

Read how The Inner Circle Mastermind transformed lives in previous cohorts. 

Breakthroughs and Triumphs

"I’ve found that I’ve not only made a strong bond with Jesus, because he’s helped me let go of my limiting beliefs. I’ve also made a stronger bond with other Mastermind members. We’ve held each other accountable and worked together. I’ve not only written out my goals with the proper language but I have also made an action plan. Not only do the goals work, but my action plan works.”

HOPE S. | Pastor

“It has been such a game changer for me. This intensive - wow. I’ve done so many goal setting sessions, offsites, seminars, time management - all kinds of thing. But, this weekend. I can’t wait to get back and put things into practice. I have more clarity about my goals and the action plan to go with it. I just know that this weekend can really change everything for you.”

Adrienne c. | Speaker & Author

“If you want to go to the next level, heal your past and find out where God is going to take you - I would strong suggest doing the mastermind. It is an investment of your time that is for you and taking you to where you can’t even imagine you can be.”

CYNTHIA M. | Sales executive


What We Do and How We Do It

These are meticulously curated environments and experiences, designed to go deep, where we can learn at a rapid rate, relax, have fun, blow off steam, and come back for MORE! Immersive trip travel expenses are not included.

Three Mastermind Immersive Trips

Once a year, we’ll have the opportunity to meet via Zoom or LIVE in St. Louis or West Palm Beach for half-day group coaching sessions. Travel is not required for this format and first class Zoom accommodations can be arranged.

1/2 Day Group Coaching Session

In-between Mastermind Immersive Trips and our half-day session, we’ll gather for 60-90 minutes for monthly Zoom coaching sessions, in order to deepen our skill sets, be challenged with new ideas, and accelerate our progress.

Monthly Zoom Coaching Sessions


Unlock unparalleled insights and accelerate your growth with a personalized one-on-one session led by Nicole. Delve deep into your business and life strategies, gaining invaluable guidance tailored to your unique goals and challenges. Benefit from Nicole's expertise as she helps you chart a path towards greater success and fulfillment, maximizing your potential for lasting gains.

One 1-1 Intensive Session with Nicole

The pursuit of knowledge fuels growth! Through intentional power moments, we'll expand and energize you! Engaging in enjoyable and laid-back settings, we'll strengthen bonds within the Mastermind Group and increase the ceiling of your dreams. Additionally, we'll prioritize carving out "alone time" for focused reflection and personal growth. Harnessing the potential of our experiences, we'll amplify our synergy by exploring what's achievable.

Group Activities

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be on the road with me? Or to be backstage at the filming of my television shows? Join me in the green rooms, meetings with leaders, signing books, and connecting with the people! Or, be a part of BTS filming of a TV show, see the production, guest handling, scheduling, and creativity. Here’s your chance to take a working trip with me and be a part of what it takes to make a speaking engagement happen.

Experiential Trips

✓ All audio books, podcasts, speakers, online courses, and any additional resources will be provided for you.
✓ Circle of Friends Access
✓ Special Reserved Seating at all I Am Woman and Nicole Crank Events
✓ Private Text Strand
✓ Private Text Access to Nicole

Also Included:


"I love the goal settings, the accountability and being able to put an action plan to my goals. I love that Nicole calls me up and yet does it in love just becuase she sees the goodness inside of me!"

"I have been able to determine how 2024 is going to be the best year ever. I am super excited that I have that amazing plan in place. This is the place you need to be!"

"It helped us to open up ourselves and our mind to all that God has for us. Invest in yourself. Invest in this time. It is time well spent. It is rich. You leave growing, expanded and increased."


Mastermind Immersive Retreats



Join me, as we step beyond the gates of the exclusive “Autumn Crest” into a 15-acre estate retreat like no other!

We’ll start with the thing that most people and programs overlook; that is, why we stop, or don’t start, in the first place. You can’t put jet fuel in a G5 and expect it to take off if a huge boulder is tied to its tail.

In our inaugural gathering, we’ll focus on eradicating any limiting beliefs, so that we’re properly prepared to take off on this journey of accomplishment. I’ve invited an elite coach of top-level leaders to join us on this journey of identifying and BUSTING the barriers that have, previously, held us back.



january 2025

Join me for a change of pace, a change of place, and a change of space that will help us yield more creative and deeper gains. We will start the immersive by cutting out the ‘time-suckers’, ‘emotional suckers’, and ‘life suckers’. It’s a clean slate, an efficient environment, a clear path, land a killer presentation of appearances to take the next step in our process.

Clarity of vision brings clarity of life. Now that we have prepared, we will dive into the scientific process of goal setting in a systemic and biblical format that has proven to be successful. We will develop the vision to take you where you want to go in such a clear and documented way. I’ve invited a special guest and success coach who will introduce you to new ways to achieve your goals.



april 2025

Bring your hiking shoes and outdoor gear! You’re invited to MY home in St. Louis, where we’ll encounter nature to propel us to that next level.

In this immersive, my well-trained and simply brilliant special guest and I will share everything from health hacks and a morning routine for energy that makes people wonder how you do it all. It’s everything you have always wanted to know, but didn’t know who to ask from the ‘how-to’s’ in book writing, social media, starting a blog, you tube account creation, getting a new business off the ground, and more.

We’ll learn practical applications to accomplish our dreams, address challenges that we’ve encountered along the path, be encouraged to cross the finish line, and be armed with the knowledge we need to SUCCEED.


“An emotional and spiritual awakening. Getting there was such a welcoming and warm environment. I felt safe and welcome and ready to lay everything out for growth. This was a big step in growth in what this next year is going to look like. I felt like it’s time for me to be taken to a new level with God."

mastermind member

“I can’t tell you the value it has added to me. Nicole actually helps you work on you - until you get stuff right on the inside, it won’t manifest on the outside. Nicole is so genuine and everything she does is first class and authentic. First, we have to help ourselves and let God help us.

mastermind member

Read testimonials from past Inner Circle Mastermind cohorts

You Were Made For More

“It helped us to open our eyes and our minds to all that God has. Invest in yourself, invest in the time. It is time well spent. The relationships, everything that Nicole puts into these. You leave growing, expanded, increased, ready to grow and soar. “

Annette v. | Pastor

“Nicole is brilliant and brings in other brilliant people into the Circle. This weekend we dealt with our junk and looked at our goals and see where we are, so we can get where God’s calling us to be.”

mastermind member


Application and Payment

Thank you so much, for your interest in the Inner Circle Mastermind Group. Upon your accepted application, payment is required. There are two easy payment options: ANNUALLY & QUARTERLY. 

Please, keep in mind that we only have a LIMITED number of available slots.
If for some reason your application is not selected this year, you will be placed on a priority waiting list for next year.





By paying the one-time Annual Membership fee of $16,999 upfront, you will receive a 10% discount which equals a total of $15,500.


The first quarterly payment of $4249.75 is due upon acceptance.

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2024 Inner Circle Mastermind

Out 2024 Inner Circle Mastermind is starting soon. If you would like first consideration for the August 2024 group, you can fill out your name and email beloew. Dates and information are on this page.