Is Your Life a Three-Ring Circus?

When we lived way out in Franklin County and I worked up north, in Earth City, it was more than an hour commute for me, ONE WAY.

Sometimes, David would get hungry before I could get home. But, he was kind-of helpless in the kitchen.

One day, he called me because he had warmed up a can of Campbell’s Soup in the microwave and it tasted TERRIBLE!

I asked him, “Baby, did you read the directions? You have to put a can of water in that, first.”

A few days later, he called me, again, complaining about the HORRIBLE Progresso Soup I’d bought.

I asked him if he’d read the directions on the can. He said, “No, I just put a can of water in it… like you told me!”

Oh Boy!!!

Do you ever feel like your life is a THREE-RING CIRCUS?

You try to juggle your work and career when you’re at home, and then, try to juggle the kids and your marriage from work! It can seem like a continuous struggle to balance our families and our jobs.

Sometimes, it feels like WE’RE THE ONLY ONE holding this whole thing together!

Allow me, to take some of the guilt and pressure off of you. The only way to live successfully is to have a RINGMASTER in our lives, someone else who’s, ultimately, in charge.

There’s only ONE TRUE GOD that can keep us balanced and in order. We have to admit our shortcomings and go to Him with our anger, frustrations, and fears.

Relax! Somebody has to be in control of this circus…and, honey, it’s NOT you!


What’s your biggest struggle when trying to work or do things outside of your home? Maybe you could share with us.


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