Bloom Where You’re Planted

Recently, I was having lunch at a little sidewalk café in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach. In the middle of this concrete jungle, I noticed a strong, healthy green plant growing right out of a crack between the wall and the sidewalk.

It wasn’t a weed. It was, actually, kind of beautiful, like something you would intentionally plant in a garden.

But, this plant didn’t seem to belong in this space. Everything surrounding it was, either,brick, asphalt or concrete. There wasn’t even enough soil for its roots, so they were sprawling out onto the pavement.

I think that’s why it caught my attention. It was thriving, even though, it looked so totally out of place!

Sometimes, we feel like it’s impossible to be happy and successful in our current situation.
• We were born in the wrong place.
• We’re working in the wrong occupation.
• We’re the wrong height, weight, age, color or gender.
• We’re not well-equipped or educated enough.

But God doesn’t make mistakes. We’re exactly where He wants us to be. He says we’re to bloom right where we’re planted. God placed us here, intentionally, and He can bless and prosper us, even in hard places.

Like a city placed high on a hill, we’re supposed to shine with love and light into the ugly places surrounding us. We’ll be a blessing to everyone we come in contact with and use our lives to change others.

Even if, we were originally planted on the wrong side of town in the crack of a dirty sidewalk, if we’re rooted and grounded in Jesus, God can cause us to blossom and flourish so much that others have to take notice.

Our season of blooming is here, right now!

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