Every Zebra’s Stripes Are Unique!

Back in the 80’s, Sesame Street had this odd Muppet, a thing named “Gonzo”. He wasn’t really a person, an animal or even a bird. He just called himself a “whatever”.

No one knew exactly what he was, so most of the time they just called him a “weirdo”!

Lots of times, if we’re doing something different or doing something first…we kind of feel like we’re weirdos, too.

But the thing that makes us weird is the same unusual thing that will attract people to us. If we’re just like everyone else, how can we expect to make a creative new impact for God?

We may not feel qualified, according to the world’s standards. But, that doesn’t matter because we’re called!

We don’t always do things by-the-book or according to the conventional wisdom. But that’s what God wants us to do. He has plans for us that are way outside of the box!

It’s okay to improve and try to make ourselves better. We can be open to change, to modify and to do things differently. But, not to change everything about ourselves, trying to be a carbon copy of someone we’re not.

Just as, every zebra’s stripes are unique and distinctive; you can’t try to be who you aren’t or else you
will lose who you are.

You are be-you-tiful!

You have a unique thumbprint to leave a unique imprint that only you can make. If you don’t do it…who will?

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