Feeling Broken?

The other day, as I was making my morning coffee, I reached for my favorite mug. It’s the one with the broken handle and ugly globs of glue holding it all together.

It was my Mozart mug that I got last year when we were on vacation in Austria.

You may not know this about me, but I took 12 years of classical piano. I guess, I’m kind of a music nerd, so Mozart is a hero to me.

But, when we got home and unpacked, the mug fell apart into several pieces. My sensitive husband said, “Oh, sorry Babe. Guess you’re going to have to throw that away.”

“NO WAY!” I said, “Its MY mug and it’s special to me!” I could still see the value in it.

In Your Life Have You Ever Felt Broken?

When I was a child, I was raped and molested. I felt broken.
As a teenager, I was a pregnant and unwed. I felt broken.
My ex-husband had a drug problem and he left me. That made me feel broken.

It’s not unusual to feel broken at some point in our lives. (A lot of us do.) But, have you been healed of your brokenness?

“…He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed;” Luke 4:18 (NKJV)

My little broken cup means so much more to me, now. It reminds me that once upon a time, it was so badly broken that it shouldn’t even be here.

God is the Gorilla Glue that heals our broken hearts and cements our brokenness, because He still sees great value in us!

Every time I had those feelings of being weak, broken and insecure, I wrote about it, and how God answered my prayers.

My hope is, that you’ll find help and healing in the same scriptures I used to turn my thinking around.

Read my devotional, “Hi God” (It’s Me Again), available on Amazon.com and HiGodBook.com.

11 Responses

  1. I am attacked by an x husband, still that is narcassistic, and tries his best to scheme up ways to
    cause me trouble. I felt broken every time he accused me of anything that I knew I was not.
    I did get 3 copies of the book you recently wrote and both myself and my 2 daughters got a copy
    as well. TY for always putting a good word out there for all of us women that are worth so much
    but the enemy works so hard to make us feel and think otherwise.

  2. Teena

    That’s good! When I first got saved, I heard an analogy of Christians to teacups, and that we have been cleansed, and set aside for The Masters use if He chooses. But later in my walk with God, I know He is more personable than that. I would rather see myself as a broken mug that has been put together and gets used (in a good way) because it’s favored, than a stagnant, old but perfect teacup that sits and is never considered.

  3. Laveda Cage

    I am going through a rough patch right now but, I know God is working out something for the greater good. I just feel like everything is breaking around me and all I can do is pray and cry.

  4. Susan

    i am always inspired by what you write. In church we haven’t always felt comfortable telling others that we are broken. That ‘s because some leave you when they know this and that can make it hurt more. . I know that the Lord said He would never leave me and that’s gotten me through some bad moments in life when others didn’t understand me and I didn’t always know how to tell them what was wrong.
    Glad there are people and churches like yours that never give up on others!

  5. Lora

    This truly bless me so deeply. Sometimes it’s easy to feel broken beyond repair. Despite knowing about Jesus sometimes it’s easy to feel like not even he can put the pieces together. I remind myself often that their is nothing beyond repair when Jesus touches it. It’s beautiful that Jesus still uses and creates opportunity for things even though they might be broken❤️

  6. Christy Vogt-Corley

    “God is my gorilla glue” was my immediately imprinted on my mind and heart. I love this! How encouraging to be reminded that God sees me as valuable and will put me back together. Btw, I LOVE the mug!!! (I play and teach piano 😊)

  7. Teri

    Thank you for the knowledge that everything is not dispensible even when it looks like it’s beyond repair. I have been broken into teeny tiny bits and just needed to know that I am still fixable and loved.

  8. Beth

    I haven’t been to church in awhile but I still read my Bible , listen to the Word, read your blog and pray. Your blog is a blessing I’m also listening to your confession CD again. Thank you! God bless you!

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