Knocked Down, But Not Knocked Out

Knocked Down, But Not Knocked Out

Behold! The Boxing Ring Of Life!

There are times in life when we feel like we’re in a boxing ring with never ending rounds, getting hit relentlessly–stuff happens, people betray us, we get a bad report form the doctor—the list goes on. If you’re heart is beating and you live on the same planet as me, I’m willing to bet you’ve felt like this before.

Why is life so hard? Why do I feel like I’m always fighting something? Why does it seem like all the fights in the world come looking for me and only me? I thought everything was going to be easy when I became a Christian!

Let me tell you something. Just because you’re experiencing some adversity, just because the fights come looking for you, that might not mean you’re doing something wrong. Chances are you’re doing something right. Something the devil doesn’t like, and so he wants to—scratch that—NEEDS to STOP YOU!

You might be in a boxing ring right now having to fight the fight of your life with everything you’ve got. You’re getting hit–HARD. You’re exhausted. You’re tired. You’re weak. You’re knocked down and you’re thinking about giving up. You think there’s no way you’ll ever be able to stand up again, and even if you did..Would it even be worth it?

Yes, it will! Why? Glad you asked. Because God is on you’re side! You are a child of the most high! Meaning victory is a given! You have the unfair advantage. Whenever you have God on you’re side, not only will you come out alive..You’ll come out with more than you went in with!

Proverbs 24:16 says,”A righteous person may fall seven times, but he gets up again.” With every adversity you go through–through being the key word—God builds your faith muscles, your tenacity to whip the Devil’s rear end!

Success isn’t Not getting knocked down; it’s getting up one more time than you got knocked down.

So if the Devil is taking swings at you, flex the faith muscles God gave you and RESIST because God is on your side. Nothing is bigger than your God—addictions, bad diagnoses, family problems—NOTHING!

You can be knocked down, but you’re not knocked out.

Get back up!

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  1. Angie Jones

    Getting knocked down in life is going to happen. At times the blow bloodies our knees and hurts our heart but stand…when all else fails…I pick myself back up and stand. I know the devil doesn’t like but often I have to ask him, “Is that all you go?” My God is greater and I stand on his promises!

  2. Cathy Marino

    I really need some prayers because my husband and I are going through a lot. Well it is really more him than me but he is putting me through it with him and it is taking a toll on me. Don’t know what to do.

  3. Kathy Ronquillio

    Thank you Jesus, for a mighty woman of God, who’s my pastor! Thank you! I heard Your voice through hers…’Don’t give up! Get up! Victory is a sure thing!’
    I’m taking a deep breath. I’m in.

  4. Missy Reese

    Well that puts everything in perspective for me! I think that just gave me the extra push to get up and keep fighting back! That’s it! I’m ready for round 2!

  5. Tina

    I needed to be uplifted with the truth that with God we can get back up again and our faith be even stronger. Thanks for the encouragement!

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