When I Need To Say “No”

Hi God. I’m desperately overcommitted, super busy, and totally stressed out!

I know it’s my own fault. I just keep saying “yes” to people, even when I don’t really want to do what they’re asking me to do.

Sometimes, I think I just agree because I’m afraid of the repercussions of saying no. What if they don’t like me anymore? Or what if I get left out of things in the future?

I have to start seeing the value of what a simple “no” does for me—for my peace, for my relationship with you, and for the future you’ve intended for me.

• What are some things I need to say “no” to, right now?
• What are some things I’m not, totally, sure about?
• How do I say “no” to those who are close to me without hurting their feelings?

“No” can be a great word. It can keep me from wasting my time and energy; precious time and energy that I could be spending with you!

From now on, I won’t let others control me. Instead, I’ll let you, God, lead me!

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a little more of my new devotional, “Hi God” (It’s Me Again). And while I’m on the subject; thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and overwhelming response to our live Facebook book reveal.

Thank you, church family and good friends for all your moral support. Your comments and kind words were so encouraging to me!

If you weren’t able to get the book on Monday, the good news is, it’s going to be released to the public at this weekend’s Women’s Conference in St. Louis. You may also go to the website higodbook.com and pre-order, if you’d like.

This Friday, I’ve asked the staff to set aside a special time at the after-party so I can meet, greet, hug and sign your book for you. I’m really looking forward to this weekend of fun with my best girlfriends! I can’t wait to see you there!

If you still don’t have tickets to the Be-you-tiful Women’s Conference, there’s still time. You can reserve those online, now, at iamwoman.tv

Don’t forget…Florida! Get Ready! The Be-you-tiful Women’s Conference is coming to you in West Palm Beach, June 23rd and 24th. Be sure to bring a friend and get your tickets, today!

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  1. Junia Jean Baptiste

    Hi there!

    Thank you for the message today! It really hit home for me. I’m praying and working on saying no!
    I’m super excited for you and thankful God led me to Faith Church. I bought the book Monday, and I can not wait to read it! Quick question, I purchase my ticket for the West Palm Beach women’s conference but not sure what the difference are in pricing. I’m trying to get my girlfriends to attend with me but I would like to know the difference for the $60 vs $45 ticket? I paid for the $60 ticket

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