No More Strife

ThinkstockPhotos-467325667 (1)I’ve mentioned before “new levels have new devils.” Why is this so important? Because you are the leader of your own life and you need to be prepared to make the hard calls.

Abraham was rich beyond measure, yet his people and Lot’s people were fighting all the time. It divided the corporate structure of their organization. As the leader, it was up to Abraham to deal with it because if you don’t deal with IT, it will deal with YOU!

So Abraham went to Lot and told him he wanted no more strife. (Genesis 13:8)

A new level has a new devil. This means the devil is creating things to distract you. Circumstances, crisis, and drama are all distractions.

Sure, Abraham should have left Lot behind, but things follow us, our thinking, bad behavior, addictions, especially when we partially obey.

Leaders must lead. Stick a thermometer in the leaders mouth in order to take the temperature of an organization, team, or family.

The person in the household or organization with the hunger for God is YOU. You should be the one to say, “No more strife, choose the land you want to the left or right and I will take the other.” Genesis 13:8-9

You take the high road.
You set the standard.
You remove the strife, not in pride, but with humility and seeking God’s wisdom.
If you’re going to go to new levels, there will be new distractions to get you off track, stay focused, BE THE LEADER, seek God and remove the strife!

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