Squeeze The Day

When I was a little girl, I wanted to have a lemonade stand…something fierce! So, my siblings and I went out by the road, set up our stand and waited for the business to roll in.

The part that I hadn’t considered, is that we lived on a gravel road way out in the country. There were only four other houses on the road, past ours, so we didn’t really get much traffic. I think I, actually, ended up losing money on the 25 cent Kool-Aid packet I’d invested in.

For the record; God never told me to start a lemonade stand. I just WANTED to do it!

Even now, as an adult, the things that I want to do are not always the best for me. We all have a lot of good ideas, but that doesn’t, necessarily, mean that they’re GOD ideas!

Many of our best-laid plans will often backfire and turn into a monumental waste of time and money.
But, God is never surprised by ANYTHING we do or try.

He already knew, from the beginning of time, the kind of mischief we would be up to, and already has a million creative ways to take our biggest messes and turn them into something truly marvelous!

Things rarely turn out the way we originally intended.

But rest assured, if life turns SOUR on us, our God will simply turn it into a delightful lemonade!

If you’d like to learn more on this subject; I invite you to read “When Life Throws Me Lemons” on page 213 of my new devotional, “Hi God (It’s Me Again)”. I think it will be a blessing to you!
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  1. Marinda

    I love the book. I sent a few copies as gifts to friends and family and they are pleased. It seem you touched us where we live. Thank you and God Bless the spirit filled pastors in my life.

  2. vickie stout

    Hi, I love your devotional book,” Hi God, its me”

    I would like your prayers for my daughter,Brittney. She is 35 weeks pregnant and they are saying the baby is really big but don’t know why. Most likely cause was gestational diabetes which was ruled out. Satan attacks me the most at night with fears regarding this . I will quote verses as long as I am awake, and then when I doze off ,I am awakened with horrible thoughts about what could happen ! Thank you for your prayers. Your words of truth strengthen my faith!!!

    1. Nicole Crank

      Vickie, I will be praying! Keep your faith and pray to be so full of the Holy Spirit that there is no room for the enemy and his negitivity.

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