Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Sound cliché? Well there’s no “I” in teamwork, but there is an “I” in marriage and those end often. Teams Work! If a marriage doesn’t work, it’s often due to there being too much focus on the “I”. Teamwork is essential for a successful marriage or organizations.

Teamwork allows a person to do what they couldn’t do alone. There is a massive compounding effect when a team joins together in harmony. I have witnessed many talented people, who are committed to working together as a team, do some astonishing things.

Consider this example from the bible about teamwork:

Two people can get more done than one,
if one falls, the other can help them up,
if they lie together they can keep warm,
if overpowered, they have a defense together
and add a third person and a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (paraphrased)

Imagine the power of an even larger team?

A group of people working together in unity towards a common goal is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can have in life. I have had the privilege of leading many teams over the years. It is so rewarding to look back with the group of leaders who helped develop a team that made massive progress together!

When coaching and developing your team, make sure that you always give honor where honor is due. The more you reward the behaviors and celebrate the people on your team, the more satisfaction you will receive because the organization (or marriage) will be running so smoothly that it will blow your mind.

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