The Glory In Our Story

Have you ever wondered why, sometimes,God asks us to wait?

Well, if He gave us everything immediately, when we asked for it, then there would be no story, no testimony and no glory for Him.There has to be a story in order for God to get the glory.

In John 11, Jesus is in Jerusalem and his best friend, Lazarus, is dying in Bethany, just two miles away.

They’re close. They’re tight. They’re real friends!

So, why did Jesus wait so long to come to him?

It was all about the story. He’d already raised two other people from the dead, but that was always on the same day that they’d died. He knew that the Jewish people believed that within three days you could still raise someone from the dead with a miracle.

But after four days, the spirit and the soul left the body for good and it would be impossible, even for God. (It’s funny, all the little boundary lines we draw around God.)

So, Jesus didn’t come to raise Lazarus on the third day, because that was still conceivable. He waited until the fourth day when everyone knew it would be absolutely impossible.

Now, Lazarus was dead dead…really dead. So dead that he was beginning to stink!

A big crowd of people were watching that day when Jesus said, “Lazarus, come forth!” God may be making us wait on our miracle, because the longer He waits, the bigger our crowd of witnesses will be. The bigger our story…the bigger God’s glory!

After all, no one ever comes back after being dead for four days.
• No one has ever beats a diagnosis like ours.
• No one ever gets over a nasty divorce like ours.
• No one ever breaks an addiction like our sand fully recovers.
• No one ever recoups financial losses like ours.

God is busy writing our story for His glory; a story so unbelievable that it will make others sit up and take notice. They’ll say, “I wasn’t sure that there really was a God until I saw what He did for you!”

We’ll just say, “It was, totally, worth the wait!”

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  1. Patricia Pitts

    Thank you for helping me to remember to not be so impatient on waiting for my miracle…🤷‍♀️
    Love you guys!! ⏳☎️📡

  2. Tawanna

    This was so on time. And OMG–the message this past Sunday. Confirmation, confirmation, confirmation. I am so worth the wait. So I’m waiting.
    Thanks Pastor Nicole for being obedient with speaking on this. U rock! God bless.

  3. Flora Lively

    I Just watch you on bvovn wow thank you for for your message on the keeping our mind right with the word of God again thanks you

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