The Guaranteed Return On Investments

If I mention investments, you think about money, right? But there is also investing in your spouse, your kids, your savings and in continuing education by reading. But it seems that the last place most of us want to invest is in our health. (Me included!) I’d much rather work and keep the vision moving forward than go walk on a treadmill…

Is it Winning If You End Up Losing in the Areas that Count?

One of my tennis friends shared with me how as he built his organization, he never allowed himself a hobby or to take time for himself. That meant no exercise, being first to arrive and last to leave the office each day. Due to that lifestyle, he became extremely out of shape and experienced a lot of pain.

The scripture says, “Exercise Daily In God—No Spiritual Flabbiness, Please! Workouts In The Gymnasium Are Useful, But A Disciplined Life In God Is Far More So, Making You Fit Both Today And Forever…” (1 Timothy 4:6-10 MSG)

The Best Of Both Worlds

Maybe there’s another way. While I’m on the treadmill or riding my bike, I have NOTHING BUT TIME TO THINK! So God uses this time to pour into me, His love, His ideas, His vision… It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! My exercise time has turned into an investment in my health, as well as time for God to show me His heart.

Denying yourself an investment in your health will save you neither time nor money. I encourage you, each and every day to TAKE A PORTION OF THE DAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!

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  1. Monica Lewis

    I completely agree with you and understand the importance of being healthy. I too was like your friend once and focused on my career too much! But now I’m leaning to keep my career “on the back burner” to my health. Also when I walk or jog that time is SO special between me and my Father.
    THANK YOU Nicole for your teachings!

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