The Small Stuff

When I was a teenager, sometimes I didn’t even ask my father’s permission for certain things….mainly, because I knew his answer would probably be, “NO!” (Anyone else ever do that?)

God (our heavenly father) just wants to talk to us. He knows stuff! But, many times we don’t bother to ask for His help or advice because we’re afraid we’re not going to like the answer.

Are we carving out time to talk to God? Or are we, pretty much, carving Him out of everything we do?

So we don’t ask, and that just keeps us separated from God. And that can be very dangerous, because the
enemy has a plan to defeat us.

He goes about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour; someone sick, someone weak or someone separated and alone.

He wants to keep us separated from our time with God because that makes us “easy pickins’”. We need to stick close, pray continually and be anxious for nothing!

It may surprise us to know that God wants to be involved in even the smallest details of our lives.

  • Yes God really cares about what we wear to work.
  • He cares about what we make for dinner.
  • He will help us with that difficult work project.
  • He will tell us what to say when we dread making that phone call.

Just talk to God. Ask for help. He loves us!

We should never hesitate to take, even our small stuff, to God every day. After all, to Him…it’s all small stuff!

Thank you, friends, for all the kind words and overwhelming support that I’ve received since the publication of my first book. It’s been a truly humbling experience!
“Nicole has made it easy for those who have no time to connect with the Creator of time. Hi God (It’s Me Again) is a jumpstart devotional for people with crazy full lives.”

Lisa Bevere
New York Times Bestselling Author

“It’s easy to get discouraged, overwhelmed and unintentionally drift from God. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, Nicole Crank’s new 60 day devotional, HI GOD (IT’S ME AGAIN) is the perfect tool for you. Day after day, Nicole will help you change your perspective, ignite your prayer life, and regain your passion for God.”
Craig Groeschel
Pastor of Life.Church

Hi God (It’s Me Again), What to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say is available at all Faith Church campus bookstores, or online at Amazon.com and HiGodBook.com.

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  1. Pat G.

    Hi Nicole, I attended your conference at my church in March and you were on fire for God!
    I will never ever forget it. I ordered your book, Hi god it’s me again. I couldn’t wait 60 days. I read it in 2 days, couldn’t put in down. It was powerful. Reading it again, thanks so much!!

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