What Are You So Happy About Anyway?

Ever had somebody snap that question your way? The person asking is usually down right grouchy and often for a reason we can’t quite figure out.

A wise man once said, “… I have learned to be content WHATEVER the circumstances.” That wise man was Paul in the book of Philippians.

It takes focus to find the happy when sometimes it’s hidden among the mundane, the aggravating or the sad. But that focus to find the happy pays off – with big dividends.

God loves it when you praise Him regardless of the circumstance, and when God is happy – everybody is happy!!!!

So, we are putting a challenge out there to find reasons to be HAPPY ON PURPOSE every day for 30 days. And to let us be your accountability partners by tagging #30daysofhappy and/or (if you’re female) #iamwomanconf – let us share in your daily victories and invite your friends to get on the happy train of looking for the happy in everyday!!!!!

Start now – what is one reason you can be happy today??? A beautiful sky? Kids are healthy? Having a good hair day? Friend brought you coffee? Find it, and post it!

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