What Do You Need To Know?

Starting the day with my love. Searching, seeking, asking, finding. As I ask, He reveals. He never reveals before I ask. So I have to ask.

And then…I write as much on the page as was in the page before I got there. Reading as fast as I can to get through the book is a slow process because I record my thoughts and what God is revealing to me as I take time to ask Him.

What do YOU need to know today?

He has all the answers. He has ALL the answers.

But if you’re like me, it’s getting that time, TAKING (sometimes by force) that time to ask Him. Why don’t you do it now?

If you give God your attention, He will always exceed your expectation!

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  1. Shannon

    Love this! I never thought of it quite like that. I surrender the day and ask God what he has planned for the day and he will bring things to mind that I need to remember or be aware of. But I like the approach of specifically saying , “What do I need to know?” This approach admits out loud that I don’t know it all and he does. It’s a good thing to do! Ha ha ha. I like it!

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