Whatever happens…God’s got it!

Sometimes we say that. Sometimes we even believe it. But most times, we try to qualify it.

As Christ-followers, we believe, in general,that God has it all under control. But then,something comes out of left field and we start freaking out! I know the term ‘freak out’ isn’t poetic, but neither is the way we act when certain things happen.

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you.

You, legitimately, freaked out about something, and then found out that it wasn’t a big deal or it didn’t happen, anyway? (Both my hands are in the air right now.)

So, if we really believe ‘Whatever happens, God’s got it!’, then why do we mentally, emotionally and strategically try to qualify the ‘whatever’.

Does God have limits or areas He doesn’t like to work in?
• “Oh, it’s a gout problem. I don’t do gout.”
• “I’d like to help them with their financial problems, but that’s just too much money.”
• “Well, I would’ve helped them, but they sinned so….”

AS IF! As if God is not interested in all areas of our need. As if there is possibly a limit to His power. And, surely, we have never made it through an entire day without sinning – we’re human!

So why qualify the ‘whatever’?

Why allow the ‘freak out’?

I’m talking to me as much as I’m talking to you.

It’s ok to be shocked if something takes us by surprise. But, let’s train ourselves to respond confidently with, “Whatever happens, God’s got it!” Or my favorite, “You don’t know my God!”

(If you haven’t heard this message and are in the ‘meantime’ right now, look it up here on YouTube. It will pick you up and activate your faith!)

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  1. Tilliandra

    That’s me! I always say I’m leaving it to God but, could never clear my head of the situation. (Message well taken) Learning to do better

  2. Evelyn (Evie) Anderson

    Pastor Nicole,

    It always feels like I read just what I need to,. like you are speaking directly to me. I just had a week long stay in the hospital and got freaked out because I had to get a mammogram yesterday. I reached out to people in the Church and used the resources I have had to relearn to use. Believe me, I was still freaking out a little, however, I had friends and people to talk to about it. No Cancer!!! I gave it to God and he put it in his pocket, I tried to take it back a few times and it was so amazing, someone would call me or I would reach out to other sisters and brothers in the church. This is the best family I have, I am not Judged, I never feel hurt, this morning I have an MRI they are doing on my brain, I am pretty sure it’s still there (lol). I love Faith Church and all of the members, my family got significantly smaller, now I have this family and my family as well. God has given me a gift when I turned on that television years ago and was so excited because I saw Pastors that didn’t care what I wore, what happened in my past, NO Judgement. It’s okay to freak out, pick up the phone, talk to this wonderful family that is getting bigger and better everyday.. I Love All of the beautiful creations in the world again. I can’t wait to see what my future is going to be like. Thank you all!!!!

  3. Evelyn Anderson

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers. My test results for Breast Cancer came back negative, I am now cancer free for 2 years. I shared this with friends at Church this past Sunday, I was scared and I finally gave it to God, I know in my heart that God and everyone’s prayers are why I am cancer free. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The same week my Dad sent me a Footprints postcard. I also know that if it didn’t turn out the way it did that I have my Church Family to help me get through it. I am so happy that I have Faith Church as my Family and support system. I even got some phone numbers of people and used them. It’s amazing what happens when you step outside your comfort zone.

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