What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

I guess you’d say, I’m pretty self-sufficient. So, when I have a problem to figure out, I tend to rely on ME. But then, if I can’t solve it…sometimes I kind of FREAK OUT!

Then, I need ICE CREAM!!!

When we’re working in Florida, there’s a little market just around the corner, where I know I can always get my “fix” of Ben and Jerry’s. (“The Tonight Dough”). Now, you know my horrible secret!

(Seriously, I don’t recommend this, because a little pint-size carton has over 1200 calories!)

But, when a problem comes up, we try EVERYTHING! We consider every possible scenario. We call or text our friends for their advice.

But, it’s STILL bugging us!

So, we WORRY about it. We COMPLAIN about it to anyone who will listen. We STRESS about it because we can’t seem to fix it. And, finally, some of us end up FREAKING OUT!

And yet…we still haven’t PRAYED about it!
(I’m guilty of this, too.)

We’re so full of great EXCUSES! We’re not leaning on our own understanding….we’re just being resourceful. We don’t want to bother God. We can handle this!

So, we’re STUCK trying to figure it out on our own.

  • Why has the relationship “gone south”?
  • Why have our kids all gone crazy?
  • Why is there no money in the checking account?
  • Why can’t we please our boss, no matter how we try?

Face it! There’s a lot of stuff we just don’t know!

But, before we start talking about it, before we start staying up all night worrying about it, before WE EAT A WHOLE PINT OF ICE CREAM, BY OURSELVES…let’s just invite God in to handle the situation.

GOD…The Creator of the Universe…The One Who, ACTUALLY, KNOWS the answer.

Let’s bring every “thing” to God, FIRST!


Is there anything keeping you up at night? After you’ve turned it over to God…you can share it with us, here.

I’ve confessed my favorite “comfort food”. The least you can do, is tell us about YOURS!

22 Responses

  1. Mary

    Yes my daughter treats me like a bad employee. She is 37. Now she gives me instructions to limit texts to twice a week…thanks in advance…she’ll reevaluate me in November. I thought a new romance would soften her. Says she can’t stand to be around my energy. She isn’t fully healed. Are we all fully healed. Does not believe in church.

  2. Mary

    My son 34 lives free with me because he had a fight with roommate over his cat and he is still paying rent. I asked him for a small contribution for food. He had a job but since got cut. He was a temp. He told me I am a money hungry b used profanity and insulted my worth. He is unemployed again. Last night he was doing weird things with dishwasher like putting towels in to clean. He had drank a bottle of wine. I know God has a plan for him. As for myself I have to detach when he is drinking. 5 months unemployed. Sleeping off a hangover today. I must protect myself. He beat me last year in an alcoholic rage. That is why he was removed. He’s been here since April but still paying rent due to fight over his cat.

  3. Katherine Enlow

    I just got married this past June and I’m having a hard time adjusting to being married, a stepmother of a 14 year old and combining our money. And living with a man. Men are nasty creatures. I don’t know if I’m cut out for this.😳

  4. Marinda Ferrell

    Thank you for the message of hope and faith. If wasn’t for the Lord on my side I don’t want to know where I would be at 3 AM on any given day.

  5. Ojay

    Thank you Pastor Nicole. I am guilty of this as well. Going crazy, trying to fix it on my own, making excuses and not praying FIRST. Thankfully, the Lord has been dealing with me. Yesterday was one of those times. I was under pressure to write my resume for a particular job application. I quickly went to God in prayer. I have peace knowing that the Holy Spirit will help me do a good job on my resume.

  6. Dorothy Castillo

    I’m in a gay relationship and this person led me to Christ. I feel I’m not pleasing God in this relationship. I want to be normal.

    1. Nicole Crank

      Dorothy – the Bible says perfect LOVE casts out all fear.
      God’s love is perfect. Draw closer to Him and He will guide you!

  7. Teri

    Right before I get to that point of asking God to just hold me I need to complain or just cry because I can’t find the solutions or deal with my stuff or situation I have been known to dive into a crispy crucnchy bag of Cheetos. OMG!!! They just help. But it is only a temporary fix. I will always still have to give it to my Lord and graciously He just forgives me again and holds me close…

  8. Patricia Rosenbaum

    M&M’s – plain. They are my go to snack for when I need help figuring things out. Go figure – God is just waiting for me to put the candy down and call for him.

  9. Rachel Peck

    oh my goodness so on point Pastor! thankful for you! My go to is PASTAAA and yes that Tonight Dough… sinfully delicious!

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