I wanna know why.

I wanna know WHY stuff works that way. WHY someone was rude to me. WHY I have to workout more than I eat. I wanna KNOW.

I wanna know WHY church is important and WHY is should read my Bible and be in a small group. It’s fine for someone to tell me what I should do, but I wanna know WHY!

You too?

In my chair time this morning (my meeting place with God) I was reading what I THOUGHT was going to be the book of Ephesians, but I only made it through the first chapter and BAM. I found a WHY that just started my head spinning. You’re gonna love this.

It is impossible to walk by FAITH if we don’t trust God. That’s a pretty easy statement to digest. So what does it take to trust God?

In Him you also trusted after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. Ephesians 1: 13 NKJV

We trust Him more after we HEAR the word of truth.

Chair time is amazing, and we need it. But often we need teaching. Someone guiding us, showing us, helping us with something we haven’t seen yet or figured out on our own yet.

THIS is why immersing ourselves in a weekly worship experience and HEARing the Word taught, then getting with others in a small group to TALK through some of the principles of trust and faith in God enrich our time with Him so much more. It’s WHY they strengthen our faith so much more. Because faith without trust is impossible and trust doesn’t come until after we HEAR the word of truth!

So, if you’re like me you’re wondering ‘Well what can I do right now? There’s no worship experience today?’

That’s where technology helps. It does NOT replace being in His presence in a worship experience, but it’s a great supplement.

Get on the iTunes podcast and download some podcasts of teaching (if you’re looking for David and I, our podcast can be found here). Or go to YouTube and search your favorite pastor’s teachings. You can go to a church website like faithchurch.com and watch recent messages. And it’s all FREE. And you can listen while you shower, drive, cook, fold laundry, jog, or mow the grass.

I want you to go deeper in your trust for God, develop your faith in Him and can’t wait to see all the things He is doing through you!

Has He done something great in your life recently by trusting Him more? Would you share your story with our community of Christ-followers so it encourages others? I can’t wait to read about it!!!!!

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  1. Elizabeth

    I really appreciate your blog it’s been for me at times like God throwing me a life raft. The message about decision making and allowing God’s peace to guide me has been helping me not to take steps when I shouldn’t . That can prove to be very challenging when you are facing deadlines. Also. your message that was talking about self-esteem was a real uplifting one as well, life can present a person with some tear down moments. But God! He is and has always been the lifter of my head through it all, I’m still here and what I have left is my future. I believe with his help and a little help from my new Christ centered friends I can finish strong in 2016. In closing, Thank you so much! You guys are really changing lives and empowering people.

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