X Marks The Spot

A couple of weeks ago, we all got together to celebrate my parents anniversary. They are in great physical shape and take good care of their health. So, as a gift, I gave my folks a huge bottle of cod liver oil and told them how using it would help keep their blood thin.

We also passed along some first-hand advice from Pastor Omar, who is recuperating from a recent stroke.
He said, at the first sign of a problem, a person should immediately take 2 aspirin and then ask for this special shot at the hospital that could help prevent a lot of the worst effects of a stroke.
Let me assure you right now, God has a solution and a blessing all worked out for us…even before we know we have a problem.

Fast-forward to this past Friday morning when I’m getting ready to fly to Chicago to speak at a weekend conference. I got a frantic text from my mom.

“In the ER with your dad. He just had a stroke.”

I froze for a few seconds. What should I do? I committed to all these people to be at their event…but this was my dad!!!

But, God had prepared me for that moment. I called my mom and reminded her about the aspirin and the shot…but she was already on it. Then I pulled myself together and started speaking to the problem.

“Oh no, devil. Not today! My daddy serves God. ‘With long life He will satisfy me.’ He’s only 68 years old and he’s not satisfied yet! He’s planning a 6 week road trip! In the name of Jesus, devil, you take your hands off of my dad!!!”

I yelled at the devil…and God heard me.

When we make time to go to church, read our Bible, pray and talk to God, with no agenda of our own but to praise Him; we are preparing a special place for Him to work miracles in our lives.

Preparation is protection! X marks the spot!

I felt like I was supposed to keep my commitment in Chicago, so I went. I had complete faith that God was in control of the situation until I returned.

God is the Alpha and Omega. He can see the beginning from the end. He already knew how all this was going to shake out. He doesn’t prepare a blessing for us just to take it away. He goes out before us to surround our enemies, fight our battles and secure our victory!

Forty-eight hours after suffering a “massive” stroke, my dad was out running around the neighborhood with my mom.

Spiritual perception is because of spiritual preparation. Prepare carefully. Put the devil in his place and put God on His throne!

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  1. N Peterson

    Hallelujah! A test of faith, God is always in control no matter what! Obedience is way better than sacrifice. Love this!

  2. Mayra

    Woohoo!!! Praise God!! I rejoice with you sister! I am an experienced RN and I know the power of faith and prayer as we take command and shake off fear!! We serve a mighty and faithful God!!

  3. Kathleen Jackson

    Thank you so much for this….. Your story is an inspiration to my life and i have faith and no doubt that God will see us through this with my friends grandson… I yell at the devil everyday to stay out of my life and pray for my my children, his children and all our grandchildren, they are so loved and don’t even realize it……

    In your story you gave a good report, and i have faith that soon I will give you a good report as well on my life and family… God promises are good and are there for us, and like you said God doesn’t prepare a blessing for us just to take it away, and my friends grandson is a blessing from God and he is not done with him, his destiny is not cancer. We have to fight off the power of fear in our lives, fear of losing him…. . I believe God has a bigger plan for our little cowboy . We are all a praying family, but sometimes we forget that we can take authority over the devil and tell him to flee from us…… I am so grateful for your willingness to answer my email……

    Blessing upon you and your ministry.

  4. ray ```keys sr.

    I had a major stoke in Oct. 1997 look what God has done I was in a comma for 13 days , paralyze, brain surgery, life support, in the hospital for 3 months and look at what God did oh did I say I couldn’t talk at all I’m almost 100.% recover. You and your husband are very anointed, and I watch y’all on the internet and BVOV, WHAT FAITH YOU GUYS HAVE………………….KEEP IT UP!!!

  5. Judy Coleman

    Amen PN! Love this! Many prayers for you and your family! Prayers for Pastor Omar as well. Glad your Dad is on the mend! Much love!

  6. Thank you Jesus for all your healing power and thank you for healing Pastor Nicole’s dad. Strokes are awful. My mom had a massive stroke in 2011 but unfortunately she was way older at the time and that shot would not had been helpful and she had Alzheimer’s and Dementia, she passed away a month later. She died on 9/10/11. But I’m thankful that I was able to be there that day I just wish I could have been there the entire month. But I lived 100 miles away and was running a business and I was never given a chance to grieve. Enough about me now back to you P.N.. I saw the video of your dad in the hospital when all that happened to your dad and he looked great for someone that just had a stroke. Thanks again for your words of wisdom and God bless you and your entire family.

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