A Special Letter From Pastor David

I have to tell you, I’m so proud of Nicole for following God’s lead, getting vulnerable and putting her heart and soul into authoring her first book EVER!

A couple of weeks ago, I watched her reveal her new devotional to thousands of people on Facebook Live. (I was the one standing just out of view of the camera and talking all the time!)

Her book is called “Hi God (It’s Me Again), What to Pray When You Don’t Know What To Say.”

Thank you Faith Church, for being SO supportive every step of the way!

But now I need your help. We are having issues with Amazon continually saying the book is “temporarily out of stock,” but it’s not! Every hour, I have someone comment on social media saying they cannot get the book because it’s out of stock. People are missing out on connecting with God because of a technicality. Let’s help spread this book to the world! So together over a single 24 hour period, we can force Amazon to order more books to keep in stock by making a lot of purchases at the same time!

What’s really cool, is that Nicole has dedicated the book rights and all proceeds to the Faith Church Building Fund to plant a new church in the Ferguson/Florissant area and a new church building in Florida.

We’re not going to let Amazon stop us from reaching the world! YOU can help us make this book available to everyone!

We have a special offer for our church family THIS WEEK ONLY.

Here’s how you can help AND save money at the same time.

• Go to Amazon.com or click here to purchase a copy of Hi God (It’s Me Again) hardcover or paperback. (If it says “out of stock” don’t worry, it is definitely available and will be shipped!)
• Show your receipt at the Source or send your receipt to deals@higodbook.com
• You’ll receive $15 off your purchase of the “Hi God” Premium bundle. (That’s $25 for the bundle.)
• OR Receive 50% off the purchase of your second copy directly form HiGodBook.com and at the Source (This means Paperback for $7.50 and Hardcover for $8.50)
• The Premium Bundle includes a lot of great stuff like: A Hardcover book, Journal/Notebook, Hi God Coffee Mug, Hi God pen and gel highlighter, an exclusive DVD of Pastor Nicole sharing from the book. (All beautifully packaged in a Hi God gift box.)
• Hurry! This special offer Expires June 25, 2017

Help us get this book available on Amazon, and take advantage of this great deal at the same time.

I call you blessed,
Pastor David

8 Responses

  1. Renee Watson

    Just purchased the book on Amazon. Can’t wait to read it! Thanks to the both of you and your family for all that you do.

  2. Angela Palmier

    I just purchased a couple of hardcopy books, and I can’t wait!!! As a bonus, Amazon offers free 2-day shipping if you are a student! So looking forward to getting these books and giving one to my friend. Congratulations on the book, on your hard work, and for changing the world!

  3. G B

    Thank you. Faith Church. This is a blessing to me, too. I really hoped for the bundle as well, but had to be patient and wait–finances are low just now–but it’s only temporary. It is my #BannerYear. god provides.

  4. jessica baca

    thank you for the response my concern is the fact I did order the day of her release just auto correct misspelled my address ? what should I do about that go to the mail office or does it have to be fixed at the shippers end just concerned I wont receive them thanks again

  5. Windy Berry

    I was able to purchase the book on Amazon – directly following the church service this past Sunday . It was delivered to my home by Tuesday.
    Showing my Amazon receipt with my iPhone I was able to get the bundle for a discounted price at Faith. The books were such a great price, I purchased two more to share with family members ! This book will save lives, hearts, & souls! God bless Pastor Nicole for sharing it with everyone!

  6. Evelyn M. Anderson

    Pastor Nicole,

    I don’t really know what a Church Mother is, but if it has anything to do with those who were there when you got baptised it would be you and Angela. This was my first Woman’s Conference and I am going to be in better shape next year because I feel better and better the more I come to Church. I Love My Faith Church Family, you guys literally saved my life and for that I will be forever grateful. I have a lot that I need to talk about, but, I can save that for another day. This book is actually the first book I have started to read as a book and I am in school. I really am still on this planet because of Faith Church and not being able to sleep. I, like so many others, was thinking way too much and not sleeping enough at all and I came across Faith Church on television. I talked myself out of coming to Church in person for a long time because I didn’t want you to SAVE me!!! Like you said, I was not important enough to bother God with my questions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! To you, to Angela (that red haired angel), and may have written a reply each time I lost a tooth. This is all I saw so I was sure that it was all anyone saw. Thank you so much for proving me wrong. The Church Alive is Worth the Drive. I relate to the Giraffe references, however I am a little more Grover than Gonzo, see, I am listening and taking notes. You, Angela and Church brought me back to life. Thank you for coming to Florida, my son is in the Army and due to go to Kuwait in February, so I am going to need my Church family more than ever.

  7. Michelle

    I really would like the book bundle. However, it’s past midnight the 25th. Amazon is for some reason not allowing the purchase to go through. Can I receive some guidance to receive the bundle? Amazon shows $13.71? Correct? Or is there another site to order from? Really appreciate your help.

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