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  1. Kelley

    Thanks so much for the blog…. Just what I need to hear.. Sometimes I can get a bit discouraged and think what is going on… But if i just turn it over to God sit back and wait on his timing … I have found out that it always works out for the good. I appreciate all your words of encouragement. These blogs are awesome reminders…..love you…

    God bless

  2. Kim stuart

    A message everyone needs to hear, tuck away in their heart and remember when the road gets rough…
    God is in control.
    Love you Pastor Nicole!

  3. Sharon Gravois

    Thank you so much!!!! I REALLY needed to be reminded of that today. You are such a blessing, Pastor Nicole! I watch Faith Church on Sundays and I love the way God is using you and your family! ‘Blue Bertha’ my van is on her last leg… or wheel … She is not doing so well on the highway, otherwise I would be at Faith Church in person… LOL… I am so thankful that you are on TV, because God has used you to let me know (and so many others too) that God is FOR us. You’ve helped me look outside of myself and my current circumstances and SEE the goodness and kindness of God. I pray that you are blessed in all that you do this year!!!!!

  4. Sherry Pillow

    I’m really behind in getting to hear some of your blogs and Pastor David’s. This is an incredibly inspirational blog, Pastor Nicole. Thanks for reminding us that God knows the beginning AND the end: We should trust Him in ALL circumstances, even the ones that “appear” to be negative. God, truly, does have a plan for us and it is for our good. 🙂

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