Beauty And The Beastly

Many times, what we think is “beautiful”, and what ‘true beauty’ really is, are not necessarily one and the same.

We often miss some of the most beautiful moments because of the way we choose to see things.

In Acts 3:1-7, Peter and John did a beautiful thing in the midst of a lot of pain, sickness and ugliness. At a gate called “Beautiful”, Peter took a lame man by the hand and helped him up. And as he did, the man’s legs were instantly healed.

God is our giver of good. He gives us beauty for our ashes and heals all the ugliness of what can seem to be our beastly past, or even present.

What we see as shame.

Current addictions.

Those things that hurt.

Bitterness that tries to creep in.

In fact, life can get pretty ugly right before God steps in to do something beautiful!

Within us, is the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. Just like Peter and John, we’re created to reflect that beauty of our Creator in the way we view and treat ourselves and others.

When we reflect Him, we truly are be-you-tiful…we live a more beautiful existence and make life more beautiful for all the people around us.

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I look forward to seeing your Be-you-tiful self there!

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See you at the Women’s Conference!!!!!

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  1. Evie Anderson

    I love reading these posts, I am reading, really reading the bible for the first time in my life. I have gone through a lot of medical issues and was becoming very angry and depressed. I know a lot of this goes along with how I was raised which was with a scary God who punished people. I have been very embarrassed because of the way I look on the outside to people, and I look this way because this was my punishment for all the bad choices and the sins. Then I feel guilty and beat myself up for being superficial. Then I read things like this, or I talk with one of the women from Church and realize that it is okay to feel the way I feel and go through my process, which includes talking with someone and taking risks regardless of how scary it may be. Thank you for being such a wonderful place for me to be myself and learn about myself. I cannot believe how much love I feel being a member of this Faith Church, it is changing my life in ways I thought wasn’t possible.

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