Look What the LORD Has Done

Nicole Crank

This week I want to do something different.

Have you ever been in one of those moods?

Most weeks I share something that is on my heart.

This week I want to shake it up a bit by dedicating this week’s blog to the feedback we received from The Circus women’s conference.

I was so touched by all the stories that flooded my email, voicemail, Facebook and Twitter.

We even received several handwritten notes. As I read through these, I just knew I had to share.

I want you to know that there were hundreds of women just like you who left the conference challenged, encouraged, moved to tears and inspired.

I’m so blessed to be a part of an event that touched so many lives.

Check out this highlight video!

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Testimonials from this Year’s Women’s Conference

Dear Pastor Nicole, I just finished watching on line. OMG it was the word for me. I didn’t even know it would be streaming. I had been so sad all day. Down in the dumps and just so despaired.

It was nothing but the Lord that led me to check out Faith church tonight. I was so sad about a sin that I keep doing. I go months sometime without committing this same sin and then just so quickly I fall. I did last night and was just devastated all day by my action and when the speaking started it went straight to my heart…it was just for me.

I know that I know that I know that I am an over-comer now and no longer am I going to fall into that trap again. I know it just as sure as I know my name because I’m surrendering it to the Lord and He will make sure that I am not trapped again. Thank you!

Pastor Nicole, you were awesome this weekend as always! I know I speak for all the ladies at Faith when I say…this weekend was beyond amazing! There was no stone left unturned, everything was done in excellence. Coming to Faith Church 2 1/2 years was one of the best decisions I have ever made! There’s absolutely no place I’d rather be! I am gearing up for next year! #IAMWOMAN2013! I’m soooooo glad to be apart, Faith Church has definitely changed my family’s life! I can’t wait to see what other plans God has!

The whole event was awesome. God was all over the building healing , delivering and restoring lives. I am thankful to be blessed with a church and pastors like you all. This was my third conference thank you so much. Cannot wait for next year. Glad the lion did not want to play I prayed hard for you.

Best conference ever – not a dry eye in the house today. My sis-in-law was with me and her husband was watching online at home and said even HE was crying at home!!! When Joni’s daughter was testifying. Amazing, amazing time with God – the Holy Spirit was all over this.. So proud of our Pastors and our church. Got our tickets for next year!

Dear Pastor Nicole, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the whole church staff for blessing me (all of us) with an amazing weekend! I do not attend FAITH Church on a regular basis (I have another home church is St. Louis), and have never had the privilege of attending one of your Women’s Conferences until this past weekend.

My friend and I were so in awe from the time we walked in the front door! It was very evident that much thought, planning and LOVE had gone in to this wonderful event. You truly thought of everything! The food, the decorations, the shopping (loved purchasing, knowing it was going to missions), the circus acts, the animals were all wonderful – but the true highlight for me was definitely the worship, Joni Lamb and the Daystar singers and your and Joni’s teaching.

I heard your incredible testimony when you were on Daystar recently and I am in awe of all that the Lord has brought you through and how His amazing grace has raised you up to bless and minister with such anointed teaching! The props were wonderful (I’m so glad you didn’t have to teach with the lion in his cage!), but the presence of the Lord was there to bring conviction and repentance and I know I will never be the same after this weekend. I sense the Lord calling me up to a higher and deeper place in Him – which means, for me – more humility and brokenness and death to self. (Ouch! How that hurts – but oh, the sweet fragrance of Christ that comes with it is so worth it!)

So I want to say again, how very much I appreciated your hospitality, Spirit led teaching and your very sweet and welcoming spirit, I can hardly wait for the 2013 Conference and I am hoping to make it to the quarterly “I AM WOMAN” meetings!

Dear Nicole, I really enjoyed myself at the circus 2012. I’m 18 years old and I felt so renewed at this age in my life everything seems like a circus…and the plan and purpose that God has seems so far away. I just wanted to let u know that I am grateful and overwhelmed with joy from the conference. You have helped me in such an unexplainable way. 🙂

Dear Pastor Nicole, I attended your conference this year for the first time…but coincidentally I began getting strep throat Thursday night and woke up Friday with it looking pretty bad, but I felt in my spirit it was just the enemy trying to rob me of my weekend…so I went Friday anyway.

Then Saturday morning I woke up and felt even worse and had full blown swollen tonsils and was just hurting very badly, but again, I told my friend who I attended with, I won’t be robbed of my weekend and what God has for me…so I went again Saturday.

All weekend I was pushing through, deciding whether I could make it, swelling with pain, wanting to lie down, earaches, all that fun stuff…but always fighting and staying at the conference. I prayed for protection over the people around me so they wouldn’t catch it btw, ha…but anyway…I just felt your conference was worth being at, no matter how sick I was, so I pushed thru and received so much! Totally got blessed!

There were so many moments that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and so many moments I cried and things were triggered in the deepest parts of my heart. Thank you for everything you do and being obedient to God. And as for my strep throat…the Devils gonna have to do a lot more than that to stop me from getting God’s goods! ; ) I figure the best things are worth fighting for!

What did God do for you and in you at this year’s conference?

Many times it’s your story that ministers!

The Bible says we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the words our testimony. So take a moment to tell me and everyone reading right now what God did in you at the Circus Women’s Conference this year!

Share your thoughts, feelings, changes, and convictions… through your words, others will be touched.

6 Responses

  1. Rhonda Bostick

    As you know, Pastor Nicole, I had left the church a while back. I let the enemy have control of my thought life and of course my decision making. When Debbie got ahold of me blessing me with a ticket to come, my daughter had me take her to a jeremy camp concert which made me start listening to joy fm. I was scheduled to work on that sat and it didnt look like i was gonna be able to make it and when God moved the obstacles that would keep me from coming I knew there was a reason I was there and there was! I rededicated my life to Jesus during that conference and have since started back at church I just wanted to thank you for being obedient and giving yourself completely to His plan for your life. Love you Pastor Nicole! Thanks again!

  2. Lisa K Young

    Dear Pastor Nicole, Circus 2012 was my first circus experience at my young age of 49! Being a part of this production with my 14 year old daughter by my side, enjoying every moment as much as I, is beyond words. Your message, as well as the Daystar team, that God loves each and everyone of us, regardless of what we’ve done or where we’ve been, and it’s never too late to BEGIN living, was profound throughout the whole event. Thank you for being so true to God’s calling, openly sharing your pain and triumph over it all, touches my heart every time I hear you speak. When I’m witnessing these events, I say to my daughter, “This is why I need to have the financial status of Oprah, because I would buy every woman I know a ticket!”. Lives are changed dramatically by what we hear and learn at these conferences. Thank you.

  3. Marcy Marks

    Pastor Nicole, I am a new member from Swansea, IL. I want you to know that my family and I have not been the same since coming to the church. A few weeks ago after the 11:45 service, my girls and I came through the line to say hello. Upon doing so, you stopped and prayed for me because I had a school final that week. At the time it seemed a bit odd that you would pray for me so spontaneously. God delivered me from a horrible encounter with my professor three days later. His grace was sufficient and I held my peace while He fought the battle! Thank you for obeying God and praying for me. Many blessings to you!

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